At the current time , the earth wobble is  severe, with the moon appearing to set at different times of the day, and in different positions. It isn’t that moons position is switching around back and forth, it is our view from earth that is making the moon look as if it is shifting in the sky.

Eyewitness account:

“Yesterday it was about 11:00 at night, and I looked out the window to see the moon setting south-west, something that is odd because just the other day I witnessed the moon setting with the sun to the west. It is almost as if the earth wobble is increasing and the rotation of earth itself.” – Skywatcher

The increase dusty red sunsets, and the sky revealing a red portion, and the regular yellow-white portion.

Extremely Rare Double Hurricane Headed To Hawaii


In Hawaii the supermarket shelves have been swept bare as Hawaiians are bracing themselves for a twin hurricane sweep through the region.Winds are knotted 80 mph and could bring up to a total of 12 inches of rain in the area, with mudslides and flash floods.

Water is the number one issue for residents in the area trying to prepare for the hurricane event as it makes its way through.

Tropical storm Halong – continues to head its way towards japan as a Category 2 hurricane as it sideswiped Kyushu Saturday. The Typhoon will affect Honshu Japan with damaging wind and rain along with storm surge. source


Mega Landslide In China



The above image is a photo of the landslide event which took place after the powerful 6.2 earthquake in japan. Which resembles a scene out of a Godzilla film where Godzilla bites into the sound of a mountain. Here are a few other recent landslide events which have taken place in the past week:

4Of course the mainstream media will spin all of this as normal, but notice how the landslide events are global in nature and not just a random localized event that is rare.




The end of a St. Louis fire truck was stuck in pavement up to its axle for about two hours this morning after the road caved in.source

Seoul’s tallest building has hit a snag after the appearance of several sinkholes in and around the neighborhood where it is being built. In just the last two months two holes within a couple of meters of each other were discovered near the national Assembly in the Yeouido district of the capital.

What’s interesting about this story is that authorities investigating the sinkholes don’t know what is going on:

 “We do not know the cause yet,” a police officer told the Korea Times. “In cooperation with Seoul Metro and Seoul Metropolitan Government, we investigated the problem and only found that the holes have nothing to do with sewerage.” – source

Power Outages

In Norwalk Connecticut a large power outage took place, knocking out power to 1,500 customers in late Wednesday. In Salt Lake City a power outage affected 4,000 customers. in Idaho a power outage due to a storm in the area was reported to affect 1365 Customers.

Water Mains Bursting

In Tulsa Oklahoma a water main brake turns a neighborhood into a small lake, and there is no word on what caused the water main brake.

A water main break in Athens Georgia took place on the muddy creek Tuesday night after a 12-inch water main burst flooded businesses. Water main break in Closed a lane in south of University at a war memorial intersection in Peoria, due to a water main break.

35,000 gallons of recycled water spilled in Irvine on Tuesday evening, the officials in the area do not currently know why the water main break occurred. source

Last but most certainly not least a water main break took place in Vandenberg Air Force Base and completely cut off water to base residents in the area.

Volcanic Activity

A new eruption took place in Kuchinoerabu-jima volcano in Japan, with an ash plume which rose to approximation 1.5 km in height. It is interesting that Japan recently experienced a large landslide along with this recent volcanic activity.

The Tungurahua volcano has shown in increase in magma as it arrives at its summit, with the first just a week ago.


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