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Message from earthshiftx: 

It has been a very difficult time standing up for the truth about earth changes and planet x. Since 2011 we have researched and studied the earth changes taking place and have seen devastating events taking place globally.

At times, it is hard to see people lose their life to natural disasters which have in fact increased. On top of reporting on bad news, we have faced hacking attempts, and breaches to our personal information trying to tackle the subject of planet x.

These issues alone would cause many to not talk about this subject any longer, but it is too late! The cat is out of the bag and it’s hair is standing straight up.

This intimidation did not stop our research and will never stop us from talking about this very important issue. On top of these issues,  there has been a horde of negativity thrown our way, and if planet x was a wild conspiracy theory we wouldn’t have gone through the many problems we have faced.

Visibility Increasing

Now that the planet x system is becoming more visible and the skies are becoming more red, we have decided to direct our efforts into finding solutions to the many problems that the earth faces at the moment.


Knowing the issues is still important , so we do want to create a ways that we can help humanity through this new phase in history.

Thank you to all of you who continue to share our photo’s and information with friends and family who will listen. Without you we couldn’t have made the impact that we did, and soon many will awaken to the realities we face.

Doom And Gloom Vs  Empowerment


It is easy to report on bad news and all the bad things that are happening, and the bad things that will happen in the future, but instead of focusing on the problem we really want to focus on the solutions in regards to the poleshift.

In our future videos and updates we would like to create information, software, and systems that can help you survive and be ready for any natural or man-made disasters , so be on the lookout for that.

We honestly hate to see so many suffer from disasters,  and using technology we want to help people maybe become one step ahead of almost anything mother nature can throw at us.

Cern & Magnetic Field Disinformation

magnetic field

Let’s talk CERN LHC, there is a lot of hype about CERN, kind of like when Jesse Ventura began speaking about HAARP and weather modification. The idea that CERN is causing earths magnetic field to go through severe compression is a bad idea,  and it all starts with two simple dates.

May 21, 2015 – Cern reaches full power  and claims begin that the earths magnetic field is being compressed by CERN. 

January 2012 – Severe magnetic  field compression’s increase dramatically, years before CERN went to full power. As a matter of fact these severe compression’s occurred all the way back to may 2010.



Years before the CERN doomsday machine reached full power, earths magnetic north and south pole was experiencing distortions, cased closed. There is so much disinformation out there, so its important to simply stick with the facts and what we can prove.

There are even wild theories out there about CERN being able to talk to dead people. read more

Worldwide Drills


The military build up has been on-going process that has accelerated over recent years. Not that long ago many people were concerned about the large FEMA region 3 drills that were taking place.

At this point we believe that after the poleshift there will be those who try to take advantage, and this is why it is a good idea to become as self-sufficient as possible.  Once the official announcement happens and society begins to break down, there will have to be some sort of martial law eventually.

We already see neighborhoods breaking down and society starting to break down, so an announcement will trigger some unpleasant times indeed.

Severe Weather

On top of the winter of ash as well as earthquakes, the severe weather will continue to be something to keep an eye on leading up into the poleshift. At the current time there is a tropical system being looked at near the gulf of Mexico:



Heavy rains and extreme flooding have become more common, and invest 91-L has a good chance of becoming a tropical system according to, and is developing . Texas could be affected by more heavy rains, and severe storms continue to affect parts of the U.S

Now is the time to rapidly increase preparations, and we are months from the much-anticipated September 24th 2015 date. Instead of looking at dates, pay attention to the earth changes and sightings of nibiru/planet x/planet 7x and be ready friends.

Stay tuned…





Earthshiftx is an independent researcher, that doesn't rely on funding by any mainstream media outlets. I'm a regular guy on a mission for truth, righteousness and consciousness.