Blood Moon Photo’s

There was some difficulty trying to capture the rare blood moon due to the clouds that suddenly came in to view, but we did happen to capture some photo’s of the blood moon below, with a slight color enhancement:

blood moon


blood moon 3


The blood moons carry with them a significant time in history, and as we look at the world events of our time, we can see so many different things taking place all about the same time. One of the more interesting photo’s that was highlighted earlier revealed what look to be another sun rising in the west, as the regular sun rose to the east in the morning time:

DSCF0515[1]This is overwhelming proof that all is not normal, and with the events picking up, we will all know the truth about planet x. Over the past few years, that has not been one single topic with more false information, false dates, and disinformation other than planet x.

There is a reason for that, and that reason, will soon be revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Earthquakes – As mentioned in our previous article the  significant earthquake activity seen so far in 2014, has surpassed the total significant earthquake activity for 2013.

Yesterday, there was a magnitude  6.0 earthquake took place in the gulf of California  at a shallow 2 kilometers in-depth with no reports of damages to buildings or deaths.


A magnitude 6.4 earthquake took place in Yunnan China at a shallow 10 km, unfortunately there is one person who died from the event. Aftershocks were triggered after the large tremor, with one person saying the following, quote:

“The whole building was shaking terribly with a loud cracking sound.” –source

China’s national earthquake monitoring agency has the earthquake listed as a magnitude  6.6, while the usgs recorded this tremor as a 6.0, which is a large difference. source


midatlanticThe New Madrid Seismic zone is active as of late, along with the rest of mother earth, as a magnitude 2.5 earthquake struck Cave City Arkansas.

One of the most active seismic zones for earthquakes east of the Rocky Mountains, the new Madrid area is drier and colder, which allow earthquakes in the area to be felt 20x more than earthquakes in other areas.

Today’s quake was one of the stronger earthquakes witnessed as of late in this zone. One of the other stronger tremors struck on the mid-Atlantic ridge today, measuring 5.6 in magnitude at a depth of 10km.source

Volcanic Activity


Bardarbunga Iceland – Seismic activity continues at the Holuhraun fissure with little changes. A total of 25 earthquakes have been detected at the Bardarbung rim in the past 12 hours, with one of the strongest being a magnitude 5.5.

Hawaii’s Kilauea – Yesterday the Kilauea  continued to creep towards communities on the Big Island.  source

Indonesia, Mt Sinabung – Yet another volcanic eruption today as Mount Sinabung caused hundreds of people to have to flee from their home. Ash reached 10,000 feet in altitude with lethal pyroclastic flow’s, this comes after days of eruptions took place in the area. source

 Super Typhoon Vangfong


Yet another super typhoon, and the strongest storm so far this year, and the strongest since Super Typhoon Haiyan which killed thousands of people. First Phanfone, now  Vangfong, which brings the yearly average to six super typhoons, which is more double the yearly average.

Vongfong is currently a category 5 typhoon, which has the potential of breaking records. This typhoon is set to make landfall near the southern islands of Japan over the weekend, bringing with it rain and winds.

Hurricane tracking links:

source 1 | source 2 | source 3

The extreme weather doesn’t stop there , as snow arrives in Chicago U.S.A, which is one of the earliest snow falls on record. source

Two other tropical storms developing are Hudhud, with a wind speed of 83 km, and off the coast of Mexico in the same active area Simon 19E is gusting at 56 km.

Disease Outbreak

Thomas Duncan is now confirmed as the first case of diagnosed Ebola in the United states,to be announced as dead. The big question is anyone else that has been exposed to Mr. Duncan going to be diagnosed with Ebola, as we have a new confirmed case of Ebola in Spain at the current time.

source 1 | source 2 |source 3

Trains Derailing – In Wadena Saskatchewan a train derailment forced people to evacuate within a 5 mile radius. source

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