There is a no shortage of doom and gloom on the internet when it comes to earth changes, and the existence of planet x. Unfortunately,  the large amount of doom and gloom has made many people relax after the dreaded December 21st 2012 date. The fact of the matter remains as that significant earth changes and tectonic events are still relevant, and in the last 3 months we have seen an increase in the amount of fireballs being seen on earth and hitting the earth.

Large earthquake events in pairs, tectonic patterns emerging, loud earth booms being hears, extreme weather, flooding, sinkholes, landslides, and infrastructure failure.

In the following article we will go over the most recent earth changes, and positive action that is being taken by people who are making a difference in these difficult times.


 A sinkhole in Huron County has shut down U.S. 224 between Ohio 598 and 99. / Submitted photo by Kevin Amburgey

A sinkhole in Huron County has shut down U.S. 224 between Ohio 598 and 99. / Submitted photo by Kevin Amburgey


An entire portion of interstate 598 and 99 could be shut down in Ohio for at least a week because of a growing sinkhole, just along the shoulder of the road. The sinkhole measures 30 feet in depth and was discovered at about 8 a.m Thursday by Ohio Highway Patrol.

Just 17 hours ago 3 homes were swallowed by a sinkhole in Russia, here video of the incident:

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A giant sinkhole split the ground open in the central region of Portugal yesterday, with excess water being given as the reason to the public.

The sinkhole is 100 meters deep and 17 meters in diameter. According to the geologist this is “a typical phenomenon” and then the geologist pointed out that the crater in Marvao was interesting. Here is an image of the large sinkhole:


What if a person was walking around this area when this sinkhole took place? And how can a simple explanation of water be the cause of so many sinkholes taking place on earth? Here is an image of the sinkholes that are opening across a Russian town Samara:



The sinkholes are the new normal for residents in the Russian city of Samara, where the residents now live in fear of the ground vanishing from the bottom of their feet, or tires in some cases.

One explanation for the sinkholes taking place is given at the web blog:

“The Balcans are in the stretch zone, as the singing reservoirs of Kiev and the bubbling mud in the Azov show. The Eurasian Plate is being pulled from Scandinavia through to the Himalayas, with river bottoms pulling apart and sinkholes appearing.

The crust in a stretch zone will primarily give where it is thin, along river bottoms, but even in mountains there can be deep crevasses where the rock has fractured during past pole shift upheavals.

Such crevasses allow lava to rise up, and a clue to this is the sulfur smell. Does this mean that volcanoes will emerge? Unless there is collateral pressure in the lava, such breaks in the crust do not result in volcanic action. Under the Balcans, the pressure is relieved by the volcanoes in the Mediterranean, ripping open as Africa continues to drop during its 7 of 10 roll.”

From the looks of things, Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s are looking more credible, but not without failed predictions and dates.

Infrastructure Failure

The following is a video clip of an 8 meter high geyser that went off after a water main broke:


It would take, nearly 3 days to report just how many recent news articles there are on water mains breaking, here is a screenshot from Google news on the water mains breaking in mere hours across the United States Alone:

water main
Source: google news

The main reason why it’s important to put the pieces of the puzzle together is to get a clear picture of what is actually taking place on our planet. Most media outlets don’t give the general public a clear picture of just how epic these earth changes are becoming. 

Earthquakes And Volcanoes

We have good news to report on volcanism, many of the world’s volcanoes are somewhat calm, but there is still plenty of overall activity.

an overnight earthquake swarm and periods of banded volcanic tremors indicate that eruptive activity is taking place at the Korovin volcano in the Aleutian arc. Seismicity continues at the Telica volcano in Nicaragua as the volcano is reportedly “running hot”.

Earthquakes and volcanic tremors are reported at the following volcanoes: Momomotombo in Nicraguate, Masaya, and the San Miguel volcano. For more information on the most recent volcanic activity visit:

In the last week alone, there have been four significant earthquakes which are listed below:


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Lat Lon D
6.3 89km SE of Bandar Bushehr, Iran 28.500°N 51.591°E 10.0
7.0 239km E of Enarotali, Indonesia 3.526°S 138.466°E 68.0
5.9 13km NNW of Zarubino, Russia 42.749°N 131.057°E 571.2
6.2 9km N of Zarubino, Russia 42.713°N 131.105°E 561.9

The only thing that anyone can do at this point is stick to the facts, and let people judge for themselves what is taking place with earth changes, and it is clear that these are very interesting times indeed. Keep in mind that the large 6.3 earthquake killed over 37 people in Iran, and thankfully there were no problems with the nuclear plant that is in the area.

Many of the world’s nuclear plants seem to be carefully placed near fault zones for some reason, so this will be an ongoing issue for future earthquake events.

Positive Action Instead Of Pure Fear

With all that has taken place in such a short period time, what can we all do to make a difference in our local community? If that is your desire, a good example is being set by residents who are taking up urban farming. Yes, there is a learning curb, but it can be done, and it can help fight starvation in urban cities across the world. At the time seeds are cheap, and it is planting season for being independent of institutions for your food supply if you so choose.

urban farmer

There was a movement started by Will Allen, who is the founder of Growing Power in Milwaukee, which created urban farms in an industrial city. One issue that every family has to face is having enough food to eat on a regular basis, and because the real estate market has taken such a hard crash, you can find tax forfeited properties and land for very affordable prices.

To take it to the next level you can network with like-minded individuals and start your own movement. With the rising cost of food, and the global economic depression underway, the wealthy and healthy will be the farm families of the world.

Hopefully, we have done our job in highlighting the great earth changes and difficult times that are headed our way, and as they say: “Prepare for the worst of times, and you will know nothing but good times”. 




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