Earthquake Activity

In Loco, Oklahoma a 2.8 magnitude earthquake struck at about 5:30 a.m Tuesday. The earthquake was centered about 6 miles northeast of the Stephens County town of Loco, which is 23 miles east-southeast of Duncan.

The good news is that there were no reports of damages or loss of life. Another low intensity earthquake hit Kabri Anglong discrict of Assam, measuring 3.5 on the Richter Scale, and hit at 8:15 pm.
A strong 5.4 earthquake shook Southern Taiwan today, with no reports of damages or loss of life. The earthquake struck at 12:03 a.m, and centered 49.1 kilometers east of Chiayi City Hall at a depth of 5.7 km, the CWB’s Seismology Center mentioned.
The epicenter of the shallow earthquake was clos to the mountainous region of Taoyuan. The earthquake did wake up residents living in the area woke up many Chiayi residents. There were three aftershocks that were recorded at 12:17 a.m., 12:21 a.m. and 12:26 a.m, which measured between 3.2 and 4.4 in magnitude.

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or higher earthquakes according to the website:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.0 98km WNW of Laiwui, Indonesia 1.105°S 126.818°E 32.8
5.7 274km SE of Vostok, Russia 46.904°N 151.023°E 48.7

Volcanic Activity 

volcano discovery

The Stromboli volcano activity has been very high as of late. During a recent visit, we observed several active vents inside the crater terrace with near-continuous lava spattering and strombolian explosion at intervals of 10-30 mintues, sometimes rich in ash and ejecting small fountains of glowing bombs.

The northeastern vent in particular has been producing powerful and bright explosions of very liquid lava, with ejections into all directions which reached several hundred meters in height and throwing incandescent lava bombs all over the upper crater slope.

These explosions took place every 20-30 minutes and caused loud detonations audible in the villiage and shook doors and windows.

There is also a bright glow that could sometimes be observed above the crater terrace on the 30th of December, and suggests that there are intermittent intra crater lava flows.


UFO Explosion Caught On Camera 


29 Families Loose Utilities Because Of A Sinkhole 


One of the big stories that is rarely covered is the amount of sinkholes that are covering the United States and parts of the world. It is almost as if the story is being deliberately ignored to cover the mayan calendar hype that is out there right now.

In Harrisburg Pa, 29 families have to evacuate their homes because of a large sinkhole that collapsed Monday night as a result of an eroded 90-year old sewer pipe according to the official story. The city’s department of public works on Tuesday afternoon recommended the evacuation of affected residents living in the area from

2102 to 2163 North 4th Street. The City spokesman Robert Philbin said the sinkhole resulted a prolongled loss of water, gas and sewere services in the area.

The sinkhole collapsed at around 11 p.m Monday and is the second sinkole on North 4th street this week.
There was a six ton city trash truck which became stuck when its rear wheels collapsed into the first sinkhole on Monday morning.


 Sinkhole #2

Yet another sinkhole opened up at San Diego State University this morning, with water bubbling out of the sinkhole.

The police were called at 10:59 a.m to divert one lane of traffic while the utility crews in the area shut down water in the area.

The utility crews were inspecting the hole to find out what the cause could have been.

Sinkhole #3

On the 31st of December a sinkhole formed in Tampa Florida, with part of Interbay boulevard remaining closed for most of the week following a sinkhole which formed on Monday morning during a water main break.

The car crashed into the hydrant about 7 a.m. The Tampa water Department arrived on teh scene monday morning to

determine the extent of the damage in the area.

Water department officials announced Monday that “normal traffic patterns” would resume by 3:30 p.m Friday, depending on weather conditions.

 Sinkhole #4

The sinkhole reports do not stop there, with another sinkhole that was reported on December the 29th, as rains opened about a 20 square foot sinkhole in the middle of Nassau street in downtown Venice. The hole drew in crowds of people downtown on a balmy Saturday morning, said Venice police Sgt. Joe Whitehead.

The street has since been blocked off near the West Venice Avenue intersection as police wait for utility workers to fix the hole in the area.

 Sinkhole #5

sinkhole 4


In Oceanside California a city bus was stranded after getting stick in a sinkhole in the area on the 27th of December.

According to North County Transit District spokeswoman Deborah Castillo, there was one of their buses stuck at Los Arbolitos Boulevard and El Camino Real around 8 A.m.

There was no injuries sustained to anyone on the bus, according to a dispatchers the sinkhole developed because a water main break.

Around 400 residents were without water, as crews worked around the clock to fix the sinkhole.

Here is video footage of the sinkhole:


Sinkhole #6

sinkhole 5

Sinkholes in the United States are not the only places this is taking place, as a massive sinkhole opened up in Shanxi in China. The following pictures speak a thousand words about the incident, which took place on December the 28th.


What’s interesting about all of these sinkholes is that they have taken place within the last week alone! It is not like these sinkholes took place months apart, but days apart. It will be interesting to see if any mainstream news sources begin to cover what is taking place, because this is nothing short of epic!

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