It’s been an interesting week so far, with loud booms being reported across the United States literally. The loud booms are being heard across the new Madrid fault zone, which is one of the largest faults in the United States. Aside from loud booms to report for 1/17/2013, there is also sinking taking place in Indonesia.



This single image is just a short representation of what is taking place in the area. You can read the 7 out of 10 sequence article at here. Even though there are many people who believe that everything is normal on earth, and that the governments of the world will take care of them during a national disaster, look what is taking place right in front of us all.

Here are just a few of the headlines that are coming out of the area, where the population has been devastated.

10,000 displaced by floods in Indonesia capital, two dead

Floods Displace Thousands in Jakarta and Banten

 Flood cuts off toll road, kills 4 in Banten

Flood inundating thousand houses in S Sumatra for week

 At Least Five People Killed in Indonesia Floods

Floods hit regencies, city across Indonesia


3.0 Earthquake Strikes Near Mentone


 A shallow magnitude 3.0 earthquake was reported Wednesday evening four miles from Mentone, according to the U.S Geological Survey.

The earthquake took place at 6:10 p.m Pacific time at a depth of 8.1 miles. According to the U.S Geological Survey, the epicenter was about four miles from Redlands, and 5 miles from Yucaipa. There was one other earthquake measuring 3.0 or greater in the last 10 days.

 New Volcanic Activity To Report 

 In Capaue (Central Chile-Argentina border)– There is new activity and unrest as Ovdas-Sernageomin reported that the web camera near Copahue recorded white gas plumes rising 0.9-1.5km above the crater during 9-15 January and drifting NNE,E,ESE, and SSE. Incandescence from the crater was observed on some nights.

In Etna Sicily Italy – Sezione di Catania reported that during November 22 – December 2012 a weak glow emanated from Etna’s New Southeast Crater, which was cuased by

the emission of high-temperature gas. The glow was the most intense during 1-2 December, then rapidly diminished and reappeared on the 24th of December.

Kizimen reported that during 4-11 January 2013, moderate seismic activity at Kizimen continued. Video data showed that lava continued to extrude from the summit onto the NE flank.

At the summit, strong gas-and steam activity is reported. At the Medvezhia volcano, SVERT reported that a thermal anomaly was detected over Kudriavy, and strong gas plumes were also observed.

Moving over to the Aolian Islands in Italy, the Stromboli volcano has reports coming in from the Sezione di Catania since the December23,2012 of overflowing lave from the vents that are lying just below the rim of the northernmost explosive vent on Stromboli’s crater terrace generated small lava flows that traveled down the N and NW sectors of the Sciara del Fuocco.


Chirpol Kuril Islands (Russia)– Svert reported that a thermal anomaly was dectected over Snow, which is a volcano of Chirpoi, on the 8th of January, and steam with gas plumes detected on the 9th of and 11th of January; cloud cover prevented observations of the volcano on other days

during 7-14 January.

Iliamna Southwestern Alaska – On the 9th of January AVo reported that unrest at LLiamna had decreased ovre the past several months, reaching background levels. The Volcano Alert Level was lowered to Normal and the Aviation Color Code was lowered to Green. The report also noted that occational small earthquakes had continued, but at a greatly reduced rate and magnitude

relative to the peak of unrest in March 2012. Steam and sulfur gas emissions continued to be observed from sites near the summit during periods of meteorolgical conditions, not unusual at lliamna.

Karymsky Eastern Kamchatka Russia– Kvert has reported that moderate seismic activity at Karymasky was detected during 4-11 January, which indicated that possible ash plumes rose to an altitude of 3 km (9,800 ft) according to the A.s.L satellite imagery that showed a thermal anomaly on the volcano during 5-6 January.
Kilauea Hawaii – Through the 9-15 of January, Hvo has reported that the circulating lava lake rose and fell in the deep pit within the crate of Kiluea’s Halema’uma’u.


Little Sitkin Aleution Islands – On the 9th of January, Avo reported that unrest at Little Sitkin had decreased over the past several months, reaching background levels. At the present time the

alert level was lowered to normal and the aviation color code was lowered to green.
Manam Northeast of New Guinea – Rvo has reported that dark gray ash plumes were occasionally emitted from Manam’s Southern Crater during 8-12th of January. At around 1000 on the 12th of January a sub-Plinian eruption

generated ash plumes that rose 1.4-1.5 km above the crater; and activity beaked between 1200 and 1300. The plumes of ash then drifted SW, S, and SE. Which then produced ash fall on the island areas downwind and light ash fall

in Bogia. There was also rumbling heard in areas on the S and SW parts of the island, and a few loud booms were heard in Bogia.
Sakura-Jima Kyushu – Jma has reported that during the 7th-11th explosions from Sakura-Jima’s Showa crater ejected tephra as far as 1.3 km from the crater. There were also smaller eruptions which took place at Minami-dake crater during the 10th-11th of January.

Shiveluh central Kamchatka Russia – Based on the analyses of satellite data reported by Kvert, during the 4th – 11th of January a viscous lava flow continued to effuse on the NW flank of Shiveluch’s lava dome, and hot avalanches. There was also a daily thermal anomoly on the lava dome area.

Tolbachik Central Kamachatka Russia – Kvert reported that the S fissure along the W side of Tolbachinsky Dol, a lava plateau on the SW side of Tolbachik, continued to produce very fluid lava flows during the 4th- 15th of January that traveled to the W and SE sides of Tolbachinsky Dol.

There were gas and ash plumes that rose to an altitude of 4.5 km (14,800 ft) a.s.l and drifted in multiple directions.

 The Latest On The Louisiana Sinkhole 

The following video was produced by YouTuber tnknoxrealtor:


Here is the last known fly over video for 12/27/2012:

We do find it interesting that the last flyover of the sinkhole took place on December 27/2013, why the long wait? Why were portions of the area cut out from the flyover video?

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