One of the major conspiracies to hit the internet as of late has been the 188 day cycle that was supposed to call a major earthquake on April the 2nd 2013. The problem with placing dates on timelines is that you make yourself look very bad in front of people if your date is wrong. Not once will you find a date where the team has made a claim stating that something bad will happen on a particular date, all we can state at this point is that the earth is going through significant changes.

For starters spring time is trying to arrive, but it seems like it doesn’t, with cold temperatures continuing in some spots of the world. It seems as if the seasons are blending as of late, just as Nancy Lieder claims. Of course, even Nancy Lieder has been wrong before, so you have to come to your own conclusion and stick to the facts.

Beware of those who point to specific dates, thinking that they are the modern-day versions of Nostradamus, and some type of prophet, there are some people who will make up anything for a video view or other purposes. Let us proceed with the latest earthquake activity out of Mexico City where an earthquake has shaken buildings just one hour ago.

The earthquake measured in at a strong 5.4 in magnitude, which is large enough to cause significant damages. The good news to report is that there was no loss of life or damages to buildings, and some did not feel the earthquake.

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes according to the U.S Geological Survey:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.4 12km WNW of Atoyac de Alvarez, Mexico 17.233°N 100.547°W 24.4
5.1 45km NE of Visokoi Island, 56.419°S 26.663°W 66.8


A brand new Paroxysm was formed at the Etna volcano in Sicily Italy, here is the video of that event taking place:



An area that continues at a high level at the Telica volcano in Nicaragua. The Colima volcano in Mexico is experiencing rockfalls which torment the Colima volcano in Mexico again today.


Strombolian explosions continue to take place at the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala. Small earthquakes have taken place at the Nevado Del Ruiz volcano in the Columbia station volcanoes.

One of the most recent reports that we have highlighted on the Louisiana sinkhole is the pockets of gas bubbles seeping from beneath the sinkhole, and the 25 trees that were recently swallowed by the sinkhole.

Today there is a report of concentrations of Gas that are being found underneath the soil of two homes and a shed in Bayou Corne, near the sinkhole.

At the time, Parish officials say that the gas appears to be low enough to not cause any explosive damages to residents.

Safety measures will have to be made, because according to the Louisiana Conservation officials, gas is now making it’s way into shallow soils.

“The Office of Conservation and Assumption Parish Incident Command continue to advise property owners who have not allowed installation of monitoring equipment or under-slab ventilation systems to do so,” officials said in the statement.”

The depth of the sinkhole is estimated at 160 feet deep, and spread across 13 acres of land.

 Another Growing Sinkhole In Detroit
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Video Of The Home Where A Man Was Swallowed By A Sinkhole


Dead Fish Wash Up In New York

Thousands of dead fish have been washing up on the Lake Erie shoreline in the Buffalo area, but state Department of Environmental Conservation officials say it’s nothing to be alarmed about. The fish have been dying by the thousands as they have jumped out of the water and died. Dead fish are also being found farther north to where the lake empties into the Niagara River at Buffalo.



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