Earthquakes– Continued activity is taking place at the bardarbunga volcano, as a magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck at a shallow 10 km. An additional 4.3 earthquake struck earlier at a depth of 3 km.

A magnitude 4.7 earthquake took place in Papua Indonesia at a depth of 20 km along the tension building indo-australian plate. A moderate but strong 5.0 earthquake took place South Of Panama at a shallow 5 km in depth. A rare magnitude 1.6 earthquake struck in Hopewell, Tennessee at a depth of 23 km.

Breaking news : A magnitude 5.2 earthquake struck the Papua New Guinea Region at a depth of 65 kilometers, and a magnitude 4.1 struck in Iceland 42 minutes ago. source

Loud Boom Heard — In Nottingham United Kingdom a loud boom was heard after a magnitude 2.6 earthquake struck in the area. A loud bang and a sharp shaking occurred, with one person saying the the following on the event,quote:

“I felt as though it had lifted me off the seat and then there was a rumble.” source

There was a loud boom recorded on January the 9th 2014 in the East of riding Yorkshire region. source


Volcanic Activity

hawaii volcanoes

Kilauea – Before the Kilauea volcano began it’s currently lava flow, on September the 20th 2014, we reported on a small cluster of earthquakes taking place. Today, the lava flow has now reached  lava flow is only advancing around 10m/hr after consuming a small shack on private property, and continues to advance on other structures nearby.

Today there was a small magnitude earthquake recorded at the Kilauea volcano.

barda 3

Bardarbunga – Heat is increasing, as well as sustained moderate but strong earthquakes continue at the Bardarbunga volcano. Sulfur dioxide gases continue to make their way all the way to Europe, as there are currently no signs of the volcano slowing down as hundreds of earthquakes have been recorded. source


Turrialba – A large reading was recorded at the Turrialba volcano for October the 29th 2014, might be something to watch moving forward.

Extreme Weather & Landslide


Yet another hurricane will make an impact as Nilofar will threaten Pakistan And India, but the good news is that it could weaken as it approaches. There is still a threat from this powerful weather system, as rain and thunderstorms are expected. source

Koslanda Sri Lanka – One of the biggest disasters in recent history took place in Koslanda, as there are currently 300 people missing in the landslide event. source

Fireball Reports -There are currently four reports pending an investigation in Canada at the moment, for more information visit the link here. 

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