Extreme Weather

In Springfield Missouri extreme cold temperatures and some snow will return to the Ozarks this week. According to the National Weather Service forecast office light snow is expected on Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Cold single digit temperatures are expected for Thursday night and Friday night.


Winter storm Hercules is now the first named snow storm for 2014, with no break for Midwest and northeast regions as storm after storm has knocked out power  to many living in Midwest states.  Light snow fall from Kansas and Missouri as well as the east-northeast into the southern Great Lakes, as far east as central New York and extreme northern Pennsylvania. – source


A significant earthquake measuring 6.6 in magnitude struck in Vanuatu at a depth of 200 kilometers. The Australia plate is one of the most active areas in the world due to the convergence between the Australia and Pacific plates. As for 1900 there has been a total of 7.5 earthquakes recorded near New Zealand.

Below is a list of some of the less significant earthquakes:

Magnitude 4.7 A  JUJUY, ARGENTINA
Magnitude 4.3 A  SOUTHERN IRAN

Magnitude 5.5 47 km South of Lar, Iran

Volcanic Activity

cano 2

At the Etna volcano in Sicily Italy there is snow on the volcano, as the tremor activity has descended back to low levels and lava effusion is almost completely ceased. The new South East crater is continuing a weak lava effusion. – source

new volcano

Earths new volcanic island continues to grow and melds into an existing island, as the Japan Coast Guard on December 26th, 2013 handed out the image above which shows the volcano now conjoined with the erupting lava at the Ogasawara island chain, just south of Tokyo.


“The amount of volcanic smoke has apparently grown with a continuous flow of lava,” Tokyo Institute of Technology geology professor Kenji Nogami reported from the plane.

“The supply of magma from the deep subsurface is presumably increasing.” –  http://www.ctvnews.ca[




Earths crust seems to be on the move asof  late, as a landslide closes West Virginia Highway, as three large boulders sent the Department of Transportation representatives working to clear the road. One rock was estimated to be 3,000 pounds, as it broke loose from the mountainside and crashed across Coal River Road between Sundial and Pettry Bottom Just before 5.p.m.

According to the Transportation Department the road will have to be closed for at least 10 days while crews remove the rock-slide from the road. –source

Two were killed in a landslide in Jayapura, as a landslide which was triggered by heavy rains. –source


Gas Explosions And Train Derailments

First a massive train derailment and explosion which took place in North Dakota, and 11 hours ago a major explosion which took place in Minneapolis as firefighters battle flames and frigid temperatures when a building exploded on Wednesday morning.  There was not a single word on what caused this explosion, just a news report on what took place. – source

Loud Booms In California

First there were a string of loud boom reports in the Midwest of the United States. Today there has been a report of a loud boom heard by several residents which is currently under investigation by the California Police Department and Moniteau County Sheriff’s Department. – source


5 Fireballs to report for 1/1/2014 and 30 pending fireball reports according to the American Meteor Society. One fireball was reported to have sound in the Quebec area. – source

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