Today there was a total of 21 earthquakes from magnitude 4.0-4.9 for November 2nd 2014.

The strongest earthquake for the day was a magnitude 5.3 earthquake strong along the Mid Atlantic Ridge, another area where there is instability due to several plates meeting in that area.

Another moderate but strong 5.2 earthquakes struck in the active Iceland area. A magnitude 4.3 and 4.5 also struck in Iceland, which means that the ground is breaking up at the volcanoes in the area, which allows magma to flow more freely.

Bardarbunga volcano has been receiving several 5.0 or greater earthquakes in the recent weeks. An update on the 6.9 earthquake in Fiji which struck yesterday, that earthquake was upgraded to a magnitude 7.1 tremor. source


arenal, volcano

Arenal volcano is showing some activity as of November the 11th 2014, no earthquakes were recorded at the earthquake list. Fuego volcano near Costa Rica is currently  erupting, with several moderate but strong readings for 11/2/2014, and this volcano is near the currently active Turrialba volcano below:



Iliamna is showing a spike in activity at the moment, which is in an area in Alaska that has experienced a lot of earthquake activity at the moment.

lliamna volcano 1Mount Katmai is also in Alaska and showing large readings at the moment, but oddly enough the image which shows the seismic readings has been shrinked so it’s difficult to see at the moment.



Another volcano near Costa Rica called the Masaya volcano , chimed in with a large reading highlighted in Green below:

masaya volcano

This type of reading is very similar to the large reading we reported on October the 29,2014, this volcano along with the other volcanoes near Costa Rica will be something to watch moving forward.

The next volcano we are taking a look at is the Telica volcano which revealed a siesmic recording  highlighted in Green in the below image:



This is yet another volcano in Costa Rica showing spikes in seismic activity at the moment. Mammoth mountain at the moment is active with seismic readings, which oddly enough are blurry, and difficult to read:

blurred mammoth

To read more about the volcanoes active at the moment visit the following source.

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