Two powerful earthquakes struck today with the first a magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck in Easter Island at a depth of 30 km. The next  significant earthquake took place in the Fiji region measuring 6.9 in magnitude at a deep 411 km.  22 minutes ago a magnitude 5.4 earthquake struck the Solomon Islands region.

The Nazca plate, pacific plate and Australian plate were interacting in these earthquake events today. The 6.0 earthquake which took place near the Nazca plate, is an area where several plates meet, which tend to be active areas for earthquakes.

In general the ring of fire frequently has earthquake activity, however  according to the earthquake list  data, 6.0 or greater earthquakes in 2014 surpassed  the total amount of significant earthquakes for 2013. read more

For November the 1st,2014 there were a total of 18 4.0-4.9  earthquakes, with a deep 544 km earthquake taking place in Argentina measuring 4.6 in magnitude.

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