An interesting statistic that we researched on earthquake activity raised eyebrows for sure.

What we researched was a simple statistic, in the early 80’s there was only a small number of a few thousand earthquakes for the entire year, and fast forward to today, and now there are over hundred thousand earthquakes for the entire 2014 year.

Just like hearing a car with loud music approach , the sound becomes louder. The sound of extreme earth changes is becoming louder, and that sound is now something that people are paying attention to more than ever.

Let’s look at earthquakes for 1/7/2014:

The strongest earthquake stuck just south of Panama, measuring 6.4 in magnitude with no damages reported for the earthquake.

A largely observed earthquake measuring 3.1 in magnitude struck in Northern Texas. In Taiwan there was a magnitude 5.1 earthquake which was felt in the area nearby. There were a long list of earthquakes to report for 1/7/2015, for more information click here.

Update: There have been 9 earthquakes in Texas within the last 24 hours. Earthquakes in this region are rare, and of course fracking will be the blame, however the earthquake activity is picking up across the world.

Fracking is not something ignore, however what is taking place on planet x is apart of a much bigger series of events. 

Combine this with loud booms being heard across many areas, and you have a recipe for large plate adjustments. read more




Volcanic activity can be summed up with just one photo:


 Honga Tonga-Hunga volcano continues under water, the volcano is apart of a larger caldera about 6km in diameter.

Activity continues at the Fogo volcano slightly slowing down but more vigorous activity as of late.

Last but most certainly not least we have volcanic activity taking place at the Shiveluch volcano in Russia, and in Sulawesi Indonesia a

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Extreme Weather

extreme weather

Well here is a sight you don’t see everyday, the above image is from the snow storms taking place in Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. source

 Devastating Landslide In Washington State

Up to 300 people have been stranded in this event, quote:

“They were announcing over the PA system, ‘everybody evacuate Queets Avenue. The hillside is coming down.’” source






Activity in the skies have started off with a bang,with a total of 52 reports of fireballs for 1/7/2015. Here are the following states and countries where fireballs have been seen: AK, AZ, CA, CT, IA, ID, IL, IN, MA, MD, ME, MI, NC, NH, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, TX, UT & WA and 11 reports from Canada, Germany, India, Iceland, Puerto Rico, Romania and United States Minor Outlying Islands.

The fact that the main stream media does not cover any of this information is eye brow raising.


Space Weather

The geomagnetic storms continue with an “unexpected” G-class storm bringing auroras around the earths poles. This is the strongest magnetic storm to take place since 2014.

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Red Skies On The Rise

The following two photo’s below were taken at sunset time, and revealed a pink/reddish sky. The camera doesn’t do this photo any justice. An important fact to remember is that this is away from the sunset, so there is no venus, sun, or anything else to blame for the red/pink skies.

Another note to remember is that the camera was facing northwest, not west towards the sun.




The images blow show the deep red color which I witnessed in the morning again, this was facing directly south as the sun rises in the east.




In order to understand the full dynamic of what we are watching in the skies, it is important to go through all the information on the planet x research page, and don’t skip a link. Our story never changes, what you are looking at is the sun reflecting the dust of the planet x system inbound.


Earthshiftx is an independent researcher, that doesn't rely on funding by any mainstream media outlets. I'm a regular guy on a mission for truth, righteousness and consciousness.


  1. _..I think we are in a little trouble now cz from her magnetic storm, it’s affects to humans, we can feel it too..! and of course as the biggest pressures fou continent plates and creating quakes above 6-8MMI soon entire globe. Mid Easr in SNOW..?!..a great info for me dude..! thank you so much..