A strong magnitude 4.1 earthquake struck in the Caucasus Region In Russia late yesterday, at a shallow depth

of 10 km. There were no reports of damages to buildings or deaths.

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck the Iran-Iraq border region , and was also felt in the area nearby..

A magnitude 5.2 earthquake struck near Bundaberg just before 2:00am(AEST). A 2.9 earthquake struck 45 minutes later in the area.

Calls started ringing in from ABC Local Radio saying that they felt the earthquake as far south of Darling Downs, and Rockhampton in central Queensland.

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Bardarbunga volcano is showing continued elevated activity with a slight drop in the up-trend.

Shiveluch volcano in Kamchatka is showing a stronger phase with an ongoing eruption producing ash plumes rising to 23,000 feet.

Kliuchevskoi volcano in Kamchatka is also showing a stronger phase, with ash plumes rising to 23,000 feet.

Zhupanovsky volcano in Russia showed explosions and ash emissions continue , with a plume to reach 20,000 feet in altitude drifting west.

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4.1 Earthquake in Russia

iran , iraq , border region,

4.7 Iran – Iraq Border Region





The eastern part of the United states is being hist with bitter cold air, and will continue for the Eastern U.S.

A strong area of low pressure off the coast of Maine will bring blizzard conditions to eastern New England.

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66 reports of fireballs are currently pending at the American Meteor Society, 3 reports from New Zealand and the Philippines.

19 sporadic fireballs were recorded on Nasa’s all sky camera’s, no fireballs were covered up in today’s recordings.

Now the time has arrived, the awakening is happening quickly, and the many pieces of the planet x puzzle are starting to converge.

But there is much more information to go over, and many more pieces of this puzzle to highlight. Stay tuned for our next video, where we will go into much more detail.

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  1. _..nice post, really soon pls take a look to Alaska, China, Japan especially Philippines, great quakes above 6 will strike, They have been minimum $9-T just for iNdiGO Skyfall Operation (Chemstrails) including to my City too, prob after they running out the budgets, they will sprays with ashes..?!..another dooms for our health..They surgery our inner core right now, to take control soil layers and unlimited power source, I think They will fail and the result there’s a very unstable plates movement entire globe, we’ll see it soon. Another things, Our Govt has decide to move Presidential Palace from Jakarta to Bogor (hi altitude & 40 miles from coast lines) Project The US Embassy Doom Vault (Jakarta) almost done, and it mean……but don’t worry, That Event is NoT on this year, be safe.._