earthquake chile

A strong 5.4 earthquake was felt in Valparaiso Chile on Tuesday morning, which shook buildings in the capital of Santiago but no reports of damages at the moment.

A magnitude 3.2 earthquake was felt in Bosnia and Herzegovina at a depth of 5km. A total of 18 earthquakes took place in Northern Italy with the strongest being 3.9 in magnitude.

Smaller and more rare earthquakes took place in Hannawa Falls, New York , as a magnitude 1.9 and 2.7 earthquake in Jackson Ohiooxford ms

Breaking news: There has just been a minor earthquake felt in the Mississippi area, and what’s interesting is that the REV monitors have stopped recording data in our region(click here to see for yourself).


two quakes

Two earthquakes took place in Hawaii yesterday measuring  3.2 and 3.1 in magnitude.


colima, volcanoes

The Colima volcano is showing continued activity Explosive activity remains heightened as small but moderate vulcanian explosions continue to take place.

The Villarrica volcano in Central Chile is showing increased activity near the vent, and an average of 5 low level  explosions every minute. At the current time the volcanoes alert level is at yellow.


At the Chikurachki volcano there were ash emissions and explosions of smaller size on a Sunday evening. The Grimsvotn volcano has been receiving swarms of smaller earthquakes this past week.

volcano discovery


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Extreme Weather

snow, flooding

According to a friend of our youtube channel, mass panic is set to begin by mid/late 2015, as the approach of hercolubus makes itself known.

Mass panic is already starting to begin in places that have been disabled by snow conditions and flooding in places like Malaysia and Indonesia. 

If you need survival supplies and any preparedness items, stock up now because transportation could slow down rapidly. The build up for a natural disaster is making itself felt more everyday, and now is the time to be ready for anything.


Here is a report from Baltimore Maryland :


  •  Toronto Canada -there has been an extreme cold weather warning released by the federal weather agency.
  • New Hampshire -Mount Washington was officially the second coldest place in the entire world according to the Meteorological Aviation Report.
  • Snowy weather conditions hit different parts of Turkey, including Istanbul on Tuesday, leading to many schools closing. 96 village roads were blocked due to heavy snowfall in Zonguldak, and 17 people who were stuck in there cars needed rescue.


There are currently 46 reports of fireballs in the following U.S states: MO, NY, New Hampshire, PA, WV, AK, Ohio, OH, New York, Pennsylvania, NJ, Washington, MI and NE with two additional reports in Germany and Italy.



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