Greece is currently experiencing an earthquake swarm as of late, with several 3.0 – 4.0 earthquakes taking place. The strongest earthquake measured at 6.0 in magnitude, with no reports of damages or injuries. The next earthquake took place in Barat Daya Indonesia,  measuring 5.9 in magnitude, at a depth of 40 km, with no reports of damages to buildings or injuries. –source

The following is a list of significant earthquakes measuring 4.0 or greater magnitude:


We have continued activity near the New Madrid seismic zone with Potosi, Missouri experiencing a 2.6 earthquake. While the earthquake was minor, the increase in activity in the area is notable. Another strange earthquake took place in Caldwell Kansas measuring 3.9 in magnitude. –source

Volcanic Activity


The Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador continues to show similar levels as yesterday, with intermittent to small explosions. Here is footage of yesterday’s eruptive phase:

A seismic swarm took place yesterday at the East Java Indonesia volcano with the strongest tremor measuring 5.5 in magnitude. 1-2 earthquakes per day took place during the 20th – 30th of January and climbed to more than 100 events since the start of February. –source

 Tungurahua is currently spewing ash over small villages, hundreds of kilometers away. The ash has now traveled as far as the Loja province, located on the border of peru. 22 volcanoes in Indonesia have have had their alert status raised in Indonesia.

400 Dead Dolphins In Peru

400 dead dolphins where found last month on the Pacific Ocean beaches where twice that amount were found in 2012.Authorities never found out the cause of the 2012 death of the animals. –source

Buildings Collapsing

The Madrasa building collapsed in Suzak district, injuring 56 people, and currently an investigation is under way to find out what was the cause of the collapse. In Peshawar, A laborer was killed and 13 others were injured when an Ice factory collapsed near jamil Chowk, Ring Road on Sunday Afternoon. source 1 | source 2

Several families evacuated when a coal mine tunnel beneath their backyards collapse din. source 1


A total 4 fireballs to report from the American Meteor Society with 1 report of delayed sound, with three reports in Maryland, and one in California.There were a total of 3 reports that are currently under investigation in AL, VA & WV.

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