Earthquakes have been the story in the past weeks, as earthquakes continue in Greece, with the largest earthquake measuring 3.8 in magnitude. Of the coast of Cuba an earthquake measuring 4.3 in magnitude was reported at 10:19 p.m off the northern coast.

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake took place near the coast of Honshu Japan, and a 5.2 earthquake in Tonga, at depth of 10 kilometers. In Canada a 5.5 earthquake occurred 16:06:31.6 at a depth of 33 kilometers no reports of damages or injuries. – source

Recently the government has raised the alert status of 19 volcanoes in Indonesia, today we have dramatic video in at mount Sinabung, which shows pyroclastic flows and small tornadoes forming down the mountainside.


 The Earth Is Changing


In the United Kingdom there have been giant land cracks measuring 5 feet in-depth, which recently opened in the fields of Devon. Just recently there was a sinkhole which opened in the United Kingdom recently, which swallowed car. The following is a map of these recent events in the United Kingdom:




Reminiscent of the 2004 boxing day tsunami the water has receded near Jakarta Indonesia with no earthquake or tsunami in sight.What could have caused this strange phenomenon? Zetalk has some insight into the what is taking place:

“Why would a region near Jakarta find itself rising from the sea, then, as occurred in Banten recently? A land mass that is being pushed under another, as is happening along the Sunda Plate border wrapping to the south of Java, does not always slide smoothly. There are catch points where the slide resists, and the land being pushed under will heave, rise, during this time.

This does not mean that the normal configuration will not return, after the slide is forced. And when the normal configuration returns the land will be LOWER than before. Banten should thus be wary.” source

Once again, the only logical explanation of these strange events comes from and the 7 of 10 plate movements occurring right in front of our eyes.

Extreme Weather Events

High waves and bad weather in Ambon Indonesia caused flooding to villages in Leihitu, Central Maluku regency, and Maluku. Deadly waves Tear a Cargo Ship in half off the French coast, and towering wave heights are fast-moving towards the southwest United Kingdom and southern France.

Torrential rains are hitting in the Masvingo Midlands and the Matabeleland South provinces over the weekend. and now it has become very difficult to access some areas with communication lines being destroyed. –source

Moving over to Iran, snow cuts power to nearly 500,000 homes without power, the area is experiencing the worst storms in 50 years according to officials.In the United States there has been 7.4 inches of snow dumped in Indianapolis and more cold temperatures on the way. –source

Gas Explosions


In St. Louis firefighters are responding to building explosions in Soulard, as they investigate an incident at Shenandoah Avenue. Another devastating explosion took place, and left 10 people injured , as bystanders were shocked that anyone even survived the dramatic event. –source

Fireball Reports

Good news is that February is getting off to slow start in terms of fireball reporting, bad news is that January we have already surpassed the average amount of fireballs seen in 2013, this number was calculated by taking the total fireballs reported for the year 2013, and simply dividing them by 12 (months in the year).

Two fireballs were reported in Illinois and Pennsylvania today, with 1 report of fragmentation. 10 reports of fireballs are currently under investigation in the following states of CA, DC, KY, MA, ME, MS, MT, TX & WV and 1 report in Germany.

Mass Death Of Animals Continue


The dead birds continue to be a problem in Ripiro Beach as 12 dead albatross birds have washed up on shore. There was a regular beach goer who had the following to say about the dead bird incidents:

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. You sometimes see the odd one but never this.”


Another Train Derails

train derails

In Russia’s Kirov, more than 400 evacuated, early morning Wednesday at the station of of Pozdino in Novovyatsky District of Kirov. – source

The following is a map of the most recent earth changes, we will have new markers plotted on the map tonight.




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