In Southeastern Massachusetts a 1.7 earthquake took place at 1:38, one person mentioned that they thought it was a blast from a nearby sand or gravel pit. A magnitude 3.1 earthquake took place in Medford Oklahoma and a 2.5 in Cherokee Oklahoma. –source 1 | source 2


Indo-Australian plate activity –  A magnitude 5.3 earthquake took place in Kuripan Indonesia, and a 4.6 in Saumlaki Indonesia. Papua New Guinea was shaken by a 5.3 earthquakes in Papua New Guinea, and a 5.0 in Raoul Island New Zealand.


Volcanic Activity

An Ash plume reaching 29,000 feet in altitude, took place at the Ubinas volcano. Sakurajima volcano kyushu, Japan has shown frequent explosions, in just the last 48 hours. The kilauea volcano has strong earthquakes in the past 24 hours , with the summit lava lake rising several meters last night.

The popocatepatl volcano in central Mexico has shown a small explosion which took place yesterday morning.

In Ubinas volcano in Peru has shown an ash plume rising 29,000 feet in altitude this afternoon.




An explosion took place in eastern Siberia which frightened locals in the area. Reports said that some debris apparently plummeted into taiga after the explosion. –source

15 reports of fireballs have been seen on the following U.S states AZ, KY, ME, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OR & WI and 6 reports from Canada and Germany.-source

Six sporadic fireballs were caught by nasa’s all sky fireball network.-source


A man in Missoula Montana was rescued as the fire department had to rescue him from from the mud. –source

In Chatham and a sinkhole opened up in playing fields at Clarendon Grammer School in Ramgate. The sinkhole continues to grow after being discovered and is now between 10 and 12 feet deep. –source

Water Main Breaks


Yesterday the city of Winnipeg said Thursday the number of properties affected by frozen pipes is increasing, along with water main breaks in the area.

And in Nashua a water main line shut off the drinking water to the Hunt Community and also caused a portion of Allds Street to collapse Thursday afternoon. –source 1  | source 2 

In indianapolis officials in Carmel say a water main break is affecting traffic on 116th street. In Parma a major water main break closed the northbound lane in Broadview road near Grantwood Drive overnight Thursday. source 1 | source 2


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