Earthquakes –  A magnitude 5.0, 4.9, 4.8, 4.1 and 5.3 earthquake all took place on the Iran Iraq border region.

The most significant earthquake took place in Eastern New Guinea Region measuring 5.5and 5.2 in magnitude, which took place directly on the Indo-Australian plate.

border region


The Indian plate and the Arabian plate  is where the earthquakes took place today which is showing activity. Looking at smaller earthquakes there was a 0.7 earthquake in Garland Utah, 1 hour and 12 minutes away from the landslide event which took place in Salt Lake City Utah.

This area in Utah does have a line of smaller faults that run through the region.

Volcanic Activity  -The Fuego volcano is showing high activity at the moment, and the Ubinas volcano in Peru displayed a powerful explosion all of a sudden.

In Orlando Florida the UCF’s season opener in Ireland may be threatened due to a near by volcanic eruption taking place in Iceland. Evacuation plans have been made, as thousands of smaller earthquakes have affected the area.

Denver Airport Construction – There will be two construction projects which will impact the roadways with congestion and closures in the Denver metro this weekend. source

Gas Explosion – A jail explosion occurred in Escambia county in Florida, with the state currently investigating what happened.  source

Emergency Drills – In Northern Saratoga County in New York  personnel will take part in mass casualty training exercise on Saturday.

In Vipava Slovenia soldiers learn how to battle natural disasters, as more than 150 multi-nationals completed Fema’s medical response courses. –source

Train Crashes – A train crash in Altona Australia injures nine on the Geelong train. In White haven a woman was killed in a train crash as it crossed in Nevada, killing her and five others.

Weather Extremes


There are currently two hurricanes heading towards the north pacific with hurricane Lowel producing wind speeds of 102 kilometers, now it is a category one hurricane. Hurricane Karina is now a category one hurricane with a wind speed of 102 km. New tropical storm Marie is also following behind the two hurricanes with a wind speed of 74 kilometers.

Xinhua – nearly 65,000 people in east China’s Zhejiang province have been evacuated after torrential rains and flooding

12 hours ago sudden dust storms swept across California and Arizona leaving injuries and damages. In Winnipeg, a thunderstorm leads to major flooding in southern Manitoba.

In Twisp Washington a rains unleashed mudslides , with no reports of injuries from Thursday night mudslides.

Loud Booms

A loud boom noise took place in Colorado Springs rattling nerves in Canon City late Friday morning.  According to the news article a drill incorporating armor, artillery, mortars, and aviation training took place. source


There are currently 8 fireball reports pending investigation at One eyewitness had the following to say about todays event:

“I have never seen anything like this before!” -source



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