Ebola Update – Let’s start off with the continuing worsening situation with Ebola, with 200 dead in just one day according to the World Health Organization.  The situation remains grave at the present time, and it is expected to accelerate.

Earthshiftx.com is warning it’s readers to prepare for a pandemic, as there is no telling how far this could spread and where it could spread next. This is not to generate fear but to be aware that there is a real threat here for everyone.

Ebola could claim an additional 20,000 lives in the next six months, and the virus could go pandemic soon.  source

This event could most certainly be used to depopulate and as a way to bring in martial law before planet x is announced. Diseases overall have been on the rise as of late, with sickness and illness spreading through much of the world.

There have been pandemics before which is an argument many like to use when you talk about extremes, but nothing has accelerated as fast as this disease.

Earthquakes – There was a 5.0 earthquake to report from Iceland today, with a 4.9 in the Solomon islands and a 4.7 in the Dominican republic. Several smaller earthquakes are occurring worldwide at the time as the earth seems to be heating up and plates are bouncing against each other.


The activity is off the charts, and there are those who will point a picture that this is all normal but it’s not, and the situation will continue to worsen. All preparation should be made to be ready for any natural disaster that could be on the horizon as earth changes are now accelerating(don’t take our word for it, check out the world wide earthquake jolts here).

This just in, another 5.0 earthquake in the active Papua New Gunia region.

Volcanic Activity Increasing


Iceland volcano in Bardabunga has been receiving a series of 5.0 earthquakes 5.1 & 5.0 in magnitude, along with steam tornado which developed over the new lava.

Ubinas volcano in Peru experienced a strong eruption which caused people living in the area to be alarmed. The explosion produced an ash plume which dispersed in a southerly direction with fallout expected. August 22,2014  Ubinas last erupted with a strong explosion.

Train Derailments – As the earths plates adjust so will train rails, today, a train car sits in the bushes of the CP Rail tracks following a derailment which took place on Wednesday night.On September the 9th eight train cars derailed east of White court Alberta.

Weather extremes – Extreme weather continues as japan rain forces about 1 million people have been forced to leave their homes.

“It is a situation where landslides, flooding, and serious calamities may occur at any time,” Ebihara added, calling on residents in affected areas to follow the local authorities’ instructions for safe evacuation.” source

Major Preparation – Spain just purchased 1 billion in riot gear as the government is getting ready for discontent. There is even a water canon being purchased to deal with uprisings in the area. Look for this type of news to become more common as we have just witnessed martial law in the United States in Ferguson Missouri.

active tropics

Never before, has a president announced a national preparedness month, ever! Which should let planet x researchers and followers know what is about to happen. Most likely this is in anticipation for the planet x announcement, and to let citizens know you need to be getting prepared for what planet x will do to the planet.

At the time of writing this, Indonesia is sinking, Ebola is spreading to Australia, flooding is taking place in Pakistan.

Oh did we mention that there are three tropical depressions , two in the pacific, and one in the Atlantic ocean? Even after all of the activity last week along with hurricanes.

Live update: we have a total of four tropical depressions swirling out in the ocean, with the new tropical storm  named Eduardo.

This is the time to be getting prepared, for the absolute worst, as those doomsday prepper shows on national geographic  don’t look so silly anymore.



At the current time there are 37 reports of fireballs that are pending investigation in the following states in the USA, and other countries:  CA, IL, NC, NY, OK, OR, PA &SC and 3 reports from Austria and Canada.

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