quake1Earthquakes are off the charts as of late, as moderate but strong earthquake events are taking place around the world. The magnetic influence of the comet-planet hercolubus is becoming more obvious as we head into 2015. Today we have a 5.4 earthquake taking place on the active Iceland volcano at a shallow depth of 10km.

Another moderate but strong earthquake swarm is taking place in Puerto Rico, with the following magnitudes:
3.1 , 3.4, 3.1, 2.7, 2.3, 2.8. The second earthquake swarm is taking place in Turkey measuring 2.8, 3.3,  2.7, 2.6. 

A shallow 3.1 earthquake was reported on Saturday , at a depth of 18km.


Volcanic Activity


The uptick in activity continues as lava fountains are now happening from the central vent on the Holuhraun fissure.

yellowstone 1


Yellowstone earthquakes are quiet at the moment, with a small cluster of earthquakes taking place on 9/17/2014.


Loud Booms

uk bristol

The cover up of loud booms being blamed on frost quakes, and now air jet craft continues, as a  sonic boom was heard in the United Kingdom. Georgia, Bangkok, and Ohio are just a few of the other areas experiencing loud booms at the moment.

As the article brings out, the Eurofighter typhoon aircraft was not flying fast enough to produce a sonic boom. This is a poor attempt to ignore the fact that loud booms are associated with large geological events which have occurred in earths history. source

Train Derailments

altoona 7

In altoona blair county a southern train from Fostoria, headed to Wilmington Delaware derailed as it moved through a crossover track early this morning at 9:45 a.m. source

A train derailment this bad should definitely generate some news but so far, no reporting on this train derailment from the main stream media:




Gas Explosions

king 5

A large gas explosion took place in a Birmingham house, as a neighbor near the scene mentioned that it sounded like a bomb going off. The explosion blew out all of the downstairs windows and doors were dislodged and brickwork. source

Water Main Breaks

City crews are currently cleaning up at first baptist Church in Dallas as a water main broke 4 a.m on Saturday morning. In Taos a water main break left parts of the town without water for about 18 hours. Several business in Oklahoma’s city, are currently without water, in southwest Oklahoma City.


fieballs 1

The american meteor society has a total of 73 pending fireball reports for 9/21/2014. This was a multi- state fireball event, which was seen in the following states and countries AK, AR, AZ, DE, FL, GA, KS, MA, MD, ME, MI, NE, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI & WV and 6 reports from Canada and Turkey. source

 “It was an incredible site and I feel lucky to have witnessed it.”


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