We have entered into a time of great change, record breaking storms,  animal deaths,  migrating poles, super typhoons, earthquakes in strange places, loud booms being heard, dormant volcanic activity, and a long list of other strange events taking place. At this point, humanity will have to decide for themselves, whether the earth changes that we see are just normal, or is something to prepare for.

If you have been following this website for a while, and you have performed your own research, you understand that there could most certainly be a celestial body in space, dubbed “planet x” by astronomer Robert S. Harrington (see video here: youtube link) that could be affecting our planet at the time.

Once again, the reader will have to decide, but if sticking to the facts, It is clear that our planet it is going through extreme earth changes, as a super typhoon has hit the Philippines, which according to the guardian.com article, quote:

“The category five storm – which has also been called Yolanda in the Philippines – is reported to have had speeds at landfall of 195mph and gusts of up to 235mph, meaning that it is believed to be stronger than the world’s last strongest tropical cyclone, hurricane Camille, which was recorded as making landfall in Mississippi with 190 mph winds in 1969. The Guardian’s south-east Asia correspondent, Kate Hodal, ” – Guardian.com

The following article will highlight just a small portion of the events currently unfolding, which range from extreme, to just downright weird. 

Planet X Photo’s

If there was a mystery heavenly body, wouldn’t we see something in the skies? Here is a photo from the poleshift.ning.com blog:

planet x capture


Image source: http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/please-place-your-planet-x?xg_source=activity

The following image is of the sun finally rising, after the above image was caught on camera:

second sun


Did you notice the distinct color difference from the first image? Did you also notice that the both images show a source of light clearly behind the clouds? There is no debate, something is most certainly there, and it looks just like planet x, surely not a lens flare.

These reddish skies have been seen in many areas, as the the sunset has a crimson color to it. If this is planet X, a brown dwarf, then it would have red iron oxide dust around it, and that would explain the red sunsets, and the many rivers which have turned blood red.

Here is a compilation of rivers turning blood red:


Here is another video which looks just like a second sun rising earlier then the sun:

source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RcKFEJqigw&feature=c4-overview&list=UUwE-D1VMVFAsSSn8DoNuziA

Flooding News

In western Alaska sudden flooding as well as severe ice jams has affected the coastal Yukon River Delta town of 630 people south of Norton.

“The town was actually a part of the ocean,” Kotlik Mayor Thomas Sinka said Monday. “I mean everything was underwater, and our rescue teams were trying to get to all of these people, but the flooding happened so fast we just couldn’t.”


Tornadoes – A strange phenomenon of unprecedented intensity hit the Dodecanese island of Astypalea, the storm lasted for 10 hours, as trees were uprooted and homes were flooded. – http://greece.greekreporter.com/2013/11/11/a-tornado-struck-astypalea/

 Roll Cloud In Texas – 


Fukashima Disaster Update – At the time Japanese officials have admitted that thousands of people that have been evacuated from the Fukushima Daiichi planet may never be able to come back home. theGuardian.com

Earthquake News

Four earthquakes felt within 3 hours in Delhi, the cause of the quakes according to “experts” were re-alignment in fault zones.

The earthquake was described as a thunder by those living in the area, according to one resident:
“Yes, tremors in Delhi just a minute ago. Like thunder coming from the ground!” tweeted Jamal Shaikh. – http://www.ndtv.com

  Planet X Video Of The Day 

Planet X  Inverted Image Video


Only 10 fireball reports for the day:



Good Video On Prepping Below:



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