Earlier we posted a video report of some of the more recent earth changes to take place, as well as the mysterious object that showed up on Nasa’s camera’s.

Let’s continue on with additional earth changes that took place after this video was produced earlier.

Extreme Storms


South Wales in Australia is currently in a situation where snow has to melt at some point.



In Dallas Texas there is an icy snow storm with freezing rain and wind which is smothering the area.¬†Highways were made impassable due to frost conditions, schools were shut down, as just a week ago temperatures were in the 80’s.




In Jakarta Indonesia flooding in the area caused by heavy rains has also made the Ciliwung River begin to overflow.

In Pekanbaru residents in the area have also been impacted by heavy rains, as neighborhoods have been flooded.


Sinkhole Almost Swallows A Car


In Bakersfield California there was a sinkhole which almost swallowed car, the owner wasn’t inside the car, but the

car did receive damage from the event.


On Fifth avenue in New York there was another sinkhole which trapped a truck on in a sinkhole as well.

New Planet 7x Video


The planet x saga continues, the earth changes are on the rise, and the signs come in many different shapes forms and sizes. One of the larger pieces of evidence is the blood red rivers, which have shown up in countries across the earth. What the above video speaks about is another large piece, which is ancient accounts of planet 7 x making it’s presence felt in history, and writers speaking of the event.

Even though the universe is endless, there are those who laugh at the subject of planet x, and think that it is all just conspiracy.

However, the signs will become more obvious and the evidence will mount as we move into 2014, and beyond. We will be here forecasting and reporting the information and data, and it will then be up to the reader to decide.

Stay tuned….

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