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Other earthquakes which struck after we published the video above include a strong 5.4 along the mid-Atlantic ridge at a depth of 2km. A 5.3 earthquake struck in Vanuatu at a depth of 83 km and a 5.1 in Chiapas Mexico.  There were no damages to buildings or injuries to report in these three earthquake events. source

The current earthquake activity strong at the moment with several 4.0 4.9 earthquakes today, and one event that triggered over a 100 comments.

The entire planet is building up an immense amount of pressure at the moment, and its important to have an earthquake plan ready to go just in case something happens.

Breaking news5.9 earthquake just struck in Sulawesi Indonesia at a depth of  30km with one person saying the following:

“The earthquake lasted about 1 minute, longer than earthquakes I’ve experienced in the past. It definitely felt like the ground was swaying underneath me. The chairs and curtains in my house both swayed and moved.”Witness

Mega Landslides

One topic we wanted to touch on briefly were some of the recent large amount of landslides that have been taking place with virtually no main stream media coverage of course.

The following is a list of some of the larger events which took place recently:

Expect more of this leading all the way up until the poleshift, and expect no timely of planet x in our solar system.

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Earths Magnetosphere

The earths magnetic field lines have taken a pounding from planet x in recent years, and now we’ve reached the moment where the effects of planet x cause these field lines to compress on a more regular basis.

As with many of the instruments that are out there,  so much is manipulated especially  in recent times.

Gas Explosions Will Only Get Worse

On March 13 2015 a man was blow through a Seascale house and across the road. Residents living near by had to be evacuated in this traumatic event. source

Here is a video which shows a huge gas explosion taking place recently:


This is going to be the new normal as planet x gets closer, the earth is making small adjustments  and any piping or water mains that are nearby are the victims of circumstance.

Extreme Weather


We have a very important video  coming up on our YouTube channel that you don’t wanna miss, it’s visibility is increasing and we have never seen a red sky like the one we witnessed today!








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