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Message of hope: Even though there are extremes and strange things happening to our entire solar system, it is not all hopeless. There is darkness that operates in broad daylight, but it cannot out shine the good. Through trials and tribulations, there is always something positive we can all do to make it through.

With all this being said, the time has come to take our research much more seriously, while still having fun with learning about everything related to earth/solar changes.


A magnitude 5.0 earthquake stuck in Vanuatu at a shallow 10km, and earlier there was a magnitude 4.6 earthquake which struck in Vanuatu at a depth of 10km.

The new madrid seismic zone experienced a 1.6 earthquake which struck at a depth of 10 km yesterday.

A rare 1.6 earthquake struck in Sainte-Martine, Canada at a shallow 12 kilometers. source

    • The two largest damaging earthquakes occurred in 1935 (magnitude 6.1)
    • In 1732 (magnitude 6.2) struck at the Northwestern End

Volcano News

volcano discovery

 Chile’s Villarrica volcano in Chile erupted overnight sending lava sky-high. The past month has been an active time for Chile’s Villarrica , government officials raised the alert status to red. There have been a few low magnitude tremors near this general region recently.


Recently there was some amazing video captures of Japans new island Nishino Shima:

Since volcanic ash makes for a rich soil, it is possible to see humans reside on this island in the future. November 20th 2013 was a significant date indeed, as the new volcano took shape for the first time.



Kliuchevskoi (Russia) is showing a slight uptick in earthquakes as of early march 2015.

Ngauruhoe(New Zealand) is showing earthquake activity as of late with a slight increase in small tremors on 2nd.


Reventador (Ecuador) – Large seismic signals were recorder for today at the currently active Reventador volcano.

Wild Weather


If you don’t agree with the idea that planet x is a possibility, there is something that most people can agree on, and that is the weather is now extreme.

Can you remember the last to time you heard of a waterspout in Brazil of all places?  The following video is footage of the Waterspout which took place in Recife Brazil today:


Canada – The homeless in Canada are will have to take shelter as overnight low temperatures have triggered another Extreme Cold Weather alert in greater Sudbury for the next 24 hours. source

Between Ontario , Quebec there have been deep freezes, in what is being called the snowpocalypse. Temperatures have been 9 degrees colder than the historic averages.

Quebec experienced the coldest February since 1889, with an average temperature of -14.9 Celsius.

Matapoisett Massachusetts – An unusually high number of different weather calamities have affected, here is what the local fire dapartment chief had to say, quote:

“We’ve had six structure fires in the past six weeks,” a tired-looking Mattapoisett Fire Chief Andrew Murray said late last week.

Tennessee U.S.A – The Monroe county and Sweet-water City School System has seen closures due to sickness and weather extremes. read more

It is official, February was one of the most extreme weather months in U.S weather history. source



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