Never before have we been as concerned about earth changes as we are today, with two of the most important videos that naysayers and planet X debunkers will have hard time explaining. The following videos reveal sea level rise taking place in a mere 30 days in Ft Lauderdale Florida:

Before The Sea Level Rise

After Sea Level Rise


It is amazing to believe that the area was once a beach with towers, and people swimming nearby, now it is gone and it doesn’t look as if the tide is receding any time soon.

Here is a news report which talks about the sea wall, concrete, and foundation completely gone and surrounded by water:

Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s have been attacked several times, with many people believing that she is spreading disinformation and lies, however, the predictions of what is taking place today give her credibility. Supposedly she can channel aliens that reveal to her information about a coming pole shift, here is a quote from poleshift.ning that the zeta’s have channeled to her:

“Florida will lose 150 feet in elevation overall due to the pole shift, but not more than a couple feet prior to the pole shift itself and only inches prior to the week of stopped rotation. The void in the Atlantic that will cause the European tsunami is not enough to release the grip at the Atlantic Rift that maintains stable support for the plates on either side of the rift.

Where the Atlantic Rift will rip to a degree sufficient to create a tsunami headed for Europe, plate support remains, in the main, due to deeper gripping action along the Rift. The void causing the tsunami is a surface crevasse, in essence.

The largest impact on Florida will be due to its connections with the Caribbean Plate. When the S American Plate rolls, this plate will be pushed down where it abuts the S American Plate, and all land along the border with the Caribbean Plate will experience at least some loss of sea level as well.” poleshift.ning

The Zeta’s continue by saying:

“The increasingly violent wobble will bring high tides to Florida, almost without warning and so erratic that predictions will be impossible. Then there are the Last Weeks, where the tides will rush north and south during the severe wobble, 200-300 feet high.

Florida will not survive the severe wobble, clearly, as the entire state is under water at a 200 foot level. Florida will then be pulled down 150 feet during rotation stoppage, a permanent loss of elevation. And in the Aftertime Florida will be merely a memory, being well under 825 feet of water where it formerly was at sea level. Since survival in south Florida is not possible, what are you waiting for? Move!”

Those are very dire prediction for the Florida area, and with so many other continents such as the United Kingdom, and Venice Italy having flood problems, this is a good time to begin moving to higher elevation in the coming weeks.

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