Scooby doo, 2012, night of the comet, and deep impact are just a few Hollywood films that have made references to a doomsday event. Today, we will highlight something that we didn’t know, a short cartoon about a comet hitting planet x and the entire story line shows the inhabitants of the planet fleeing to another planet to escape sudden catastrophe.

What’s interesting about this cartoon episode is that at the moment, there is an interest by individuals such as the Virgin Mobil owner Richard Branson creating space craft that travel out of space. There is an interest in mars as of late, and movies such as District 9 which depict a city in space with ruling elite over the poor people of the planet.

District 9 is a film worth watching for those who are into sci-fi movies with a unique twist to them, and in interesting story line. Of course this is not the only hint from hollywood, there is also the man from planet x, and when worlds collide:


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