What is planet x?

Planet x was is the name given to an unknown planet in our solar system, by astronomers who noticed the changes in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. click here for details

Where is planet x?

Based upon the photo’s that we have taken, we believe that planet x is in the western sky at sunset time, in the United States. In the morning time you will see a red glow to the skyline facing directly south-east in the United States.

This object moves like nothing we have ever seen, and is not visible everyday so this is our current estimate based upon our observations.

We always encourage our readers to conduct their own research using a good digital camera at sunset time and watch the fireworks at sunset time, and at sunrise time.

Do not go out one day and look up at the sun, take one picture, and report back that everything is normal in our skies. This process takes time due to all of the different variables we are dealing with at the moment, such as time of day, weather conditions.

Why Would The Government Hide Planet X?

There are fortune 500 companies and businesses that have an interest in keeping everything normal. If planet x were announced to the entire world there would be riots, looting, and economic collapse. These things are not good for those who want to keep their companies producing income.

What  Scientific Or Astronomical Background Does Earthshiftx.com Have?

We have conducted independent research with a very, very, small team. This process has taken us over 3 1/2 years, and was done with no financial backing from anyone.

We started with the articles dating back to the 1950’s talking about the subject of planet x, and then started looking at the current extreme earth changes, ancient accounts, ancient texts, as well as the hints dropped by hollywood.

While many will say that you need a degree in x.y.z in order to do this type of research we want our readers to note that there are government agencies, mainstream media, and scientist that lie and make mistakes (watch this channel).

When Will Planet X Cause Destruction?

We are not sure on the exact date, but if we base the date of it’s return off biblical events, we could see planet x returning  between March 2016 – May-2016. This estimate is based upon the work done researcher planet 7x, you can find out more about his work by clicking here.

Isn’t Planet X Just  A Hoax?

There have been many false dates that did not result in anything happening, and because of this people are skeptical about this subject because of dis-information.

There are people who have a vested interesting in keeping the general public dumbed down, distracted with hollywood, and in general confused about this subject.

Do You Have Any Photo’s Of Planet X?

We have compiled a long list of different photo’s that we have taken with our own equipment and from other researchers who have sent us photo’s.

click here

How Do You Know Anything Bad Is Going To Happen?

The trend in global earth changes is self-evident, at the current time there are mass animal deaths, sinkholes, water main breaks, gas explosions, deadly electrical storms, extreme weather displacing millions, massive landslides that have never been seen before in recent memory, magnetic disturbances not from the sun, off the chart earthquake and volcanic activity.

These signs of the times are just a small drop in the bucket of why the earthshiftx.com team believes something bad could happen.

On top of the current events, the ancient people went through great lengths to warn us of danger.
Check out the planet x research page for more information.

To get a full perspective on this subject you cannot quickly scan through this information and expect to make an educated and well researched opinion on planet x. Take the time that is necessary to get a full understanding, and you will know why the sky looks the way it does.