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There was a fireball reported in the last 24 hours which caused houses to shake that many people felt. At the current time there are very few YouTube videos about this fireball report:

Looking at the front page of abcnews.com, there is no report of this fireball report:


Here was another fireball which took place on February 17th 2015:

The mainstream media has started reporting fireballs in local news stations , but national news or world news does not report what is happening in our skies.

There are currently 12 sporadic fireballs to report at nasa’s all sky fireball network. source

At the current time american meteor society is reporting 56 fireballs, and 5 reports from Canada, Germany and Spain. source

Earthquakes & Ground Motion

Interesting, far-reaching earthquake which struck in Eutaw Alabama, and felt as far as the Mississippi area.


ground motion


There was also ground motion recorded in the New Madrid Seismic zone yesterday, and a slight change in ground motion.


The loud booms will rise in number as the pole shift approaches, and the earth’s plates begin to rip and tear.

Great information was presented by YouTube Dahboo7 as well as Dutchsinse on the earthquake pattern that is happening.

channel link

There was a tsunami warning issued by the national weather service,  but there was no damaging tsunami in this event. source

Bunches of 4.0 – 5.0 earthquakes took place yesterday in Japan, Indonesia, Argentina, Fiji, and Vanuatu. The pressure is building along these plates worldwide, and at one point be released.

Remember the article that stated to get ready for more 9.0 earthquakes in plural? read here


The vast majority of the worlds volcanoes are beneath the oceans(submarine). The earth is heating from the core, and as the oceans are heated ocean currents are disrupted, so does earths atmosphere. This is chain effect is why many are noticing the rapid increase in fog, rains and flooding.

tonga volcano
Image credit :www.nydailynews.com ‘

Even though the sun is at A 100 year lull in activity, the Pacific Ocean produced A new island from an underwater volcanic eruption. source

ecuador event

Reventador (Napo Ecuador) –  The webcam photo revealed ash emissions, and  strong seismic readings on the volcanic monitor. Isn’t it interesting that we have a large earthquake event  nearby, and now this volcanic activity in Ecuador.


Popocateptl  (Puebla Mexico) – A large reading was recorded at this volcano in the southern part of Mexico, which once again was in the general area of the large earthquake event on 2/22/2015.


Kliuchevskoi (Russia) – At the moment the ring of fire is very active at the moment as Kliuchevskoi is showing small tremors and ash plumes.

Here is a video highlighting the many different active volcanoes currently in the Philippines:


Gas Explosions | Sinkholes | Mine Collapses | Train Derailments

Gas explosions and sinkholes will increase as we progress along in the pole shift, and the last few weeks haven’t disappointed.

Honduras – In Honduras 56 people were hurt as a gas explosion in Tegucigalpa injured several people as several gas cylinders exploded. source

gas explosion


Of course the gas explosions witnessed have not been taking place in one area, today there was a severe gas explosion recorded in Canton, Massachusetts. source

Rescue workers were able to retrieve 7 bodies after a Coal mine collapse in Pakistan. Unfortunately one rescue worker was killed during the search operation when he was buried under rubble. source


Sinkhole (Korea) -Two pedestrians were swallowed by a sinkhole in Yongsan station in Korea. On the surface the sinkhole is just 1.2 meters on the surface but widened to 5 meters at the bottom.

The two people did not die, and only sustained injuries to their shoulders, back  and legs and were not seriously harmed. source

Oceans Roaring

rogue wave, waves

A French TV reporter was swept off her feet as a giant surging wave took place. The water rose to just about waste high, as on-lookers watched in horror. Good news is that the reporter did not sustain any difficult injuries. source

Extreme Weather

It is now getting very obvious that the general public is not being told about what is afoot, and they most likely will not be told until the last weeks.

The Siberian express has left a total of 22 people dead due to hypothermia due  to water main breaks happening in bunches.

“This week ranks among the most intense arctic outbreaks so far in the 21st century for the eastern U.S.”- source

It’s very important to have a wide perspective of what is taking place, so let’s look at a video highilighting the severe weather in Britain.

Tennessee (Statewide)


Terrorist Events And Martial Law

When planet x is visible for the entire world to see, martial law will have to already be in place. The creepy thing is  the administrator of this website has already seen it with the naked eye, but it was at a distance.

Watch for terrorist events, another ebola hoax to shut everything down, and officials leaving suddenly as we have been witnessing.

Today the mainstream media was highlighting the threats by Isis to launch a terrorist event in the Mall of America. A combined disaster looks like what might take place, or everything could be kept calm leading up until the shift to keep people calm and docile.

Don’t wait another day to be ready, as natural disasters , extreme weather, earthquakes, and plate adjustments become the new normal.


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