Shortly before 7 a.m on Friday a fireball lit up the skies over Houston Texas. Twitter and Facebook were on fire as the

large fireball was seen in the sky about the size of a basketball. Click the play button below to watch the video of the fireball:


According to NASA the fireball was really a meteor:

“It is a meteor, most likely a fragment from the asteroid belt and not associated with the Geminid meteor shower,” he said.

This event was very unusual and is more evidence that if planet X is real, it could be slinging other objects at us as it makes it’s passage.


A minor earthquake took place near the small East Texas town of Timpson. According to the USGS a 2.8 magnitude earthquake struck Friday about 3 miles from Timpson, which is a town filled with 1,000 people about 70 miles southeast of Tyler.

According to the groups website said the earthquake took place at 1:38 p.m, with no damages or loss of life. The other

earthquake that took place was in Walhalla, measuring 2.0 on the Richter scale and about 5 miles underground. This earthquake was centered in Oconee County between Walhalla and Pickens.

According to the U.S Geological Survey, most people usually don’t feel earthquakes that are that small.

Another small earthquake measuring 2.6 in magnitude took place at 3:05 a.m Saturday in the Seminole County town that’s about 60 miles east of Oklahoma City and about 60 miles southwest of Tulsa with no

reports of damages or injuries.

Here is a list of earthquakes measuring 5.0 or greater for 12/8/2012:


M Location
Click event below for details
Lat Lon D
5.1 100km S of Ialibu, Papua New Guinea 7.192°S 144.001°E 32.8
5.7 102km S of Ialibu, Papua New Guinea 7.211°S 143.929°E 10.7
5.0 91km NE of Keelung, Taiwan 25.753°N 122.336°E 289.1
5.0 95km S of Ialibu, Papua New Guinea 7.145°S 144.048°E 33.6
5.0 101km NNE of Tobelo, Indonesia 2.571°N 128.368°E 153.9
5.1 107km S of Ialibu, Papua New Guinea 7.248°S 143.930°E 21.7

 Volcanic Activity

Popocatepetl volcano Mexico

Kvert is currently reporting high amplitude volcanic tremors at Plosky Tolbachik again today, showing that magma flow within the volcano is not waning.

Intense swarm seismicity continued overnight beneath the Coso Volcanic Field (CA). Event magnitudes ranged from M0.0 to M2.5. Activity at the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico has increased during the past 24 hours. Several emissions and gas are taking place at the rate of 3 events per hour.

In Guatemala, the Seismograms for the volcanoes are not accessible, however you can see active lava flow descending from the volcano’s flank.

Reventador volcano in Ecuador maintained its high level of co-eruptive seismicity overnight. The Tongariro seismogram alsow reveals a pulse of “chugging” earthquakes about 19 hours ago,

while seismograms recorded at nearby Ruapehu show continued low-level volcanic tremors and a few small local earthquakes. The White Island seismogram is blotched with continuous, relatively strong volcanic tremor.


Typhoon Bopha

Typhoon Bopha has killed nearly 600 people and left hundreds more missing in the southern Philippines, and it has now made a U-turn and threatening the country’s northwest, according to officials.
The weather bureau raised storm warnings over parts of the main northern island of Luzon after Typhoon Bopha veered northeast. There is a strong possibility that the disastrous storm would make a second landfall Sunday, but it might also make a loop and remain in the South China Sea, according to forecasters in the area.

Either way, the storm system was moving close to shore as disaster officials have warned of heavy rains and winds and potentially landslides in the mountainous region.

At the current time there are tens of thousands of people who have already been left homeless by the storm, according to CBS News Barnaby Lo, with the situation still very dire- shortages of food and drinking water, and health and sanitation problems.

Read more at:

 Louisiana Sinkhole Update

In Assumption Parish Louisiana there are new developments taking place concerning the sinkhole in the area, apparently a highly toxic gas Hydrogen Sulfide is involved in the incident.

Two weeks ago, Texas-Brine detected amounts of Hydrogen Sulfide in its deepest well. Now the company has reported to the Department of Natural Resources that it has detected amounts of the gas in one of its flow lines in the failed cavern that caused the sinkhole.

“According to Assumption Parish Director of OEP John Boudreaux, officials from DNR and his office tested the company’s flow line themselves for the gas Thursday but did not detect Hydrogen Sulfide.

The next step will be for OEP and DNR, along with Texas-Brine to test the flow line in the cavern again Friday to see if the gas is present.”

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