One of the areas that have been affected by earthquake s as of late has been California, with a 3.1 earthquake reported in the North Central Valley area. This earthquake was a small tremor reported Sunday morning  in the western Fresno County, according to the U.S Geological Survey. The epicenter was 16 miles from Los Banos, 26 miles from Mendota, 29 miles from Hollister and 126 miles from the Sacramento area.

Another 4.5 earthquake hit Rapar in Kutch on Saturday afternoon. According to the Institute of Seismological Research, the epicenter of the earthquake was recorded near the Rapar area in the Kutch region.
Many residents felt this earthquake and came out of their homes in fear of something falling on them.

It was a grim reminder of the killer earthquake of 2001 in which thousands of people were killed in the Kutch.”

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes according to the U.S Geological survey live feed:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.3 37km SE of Ofunato, Japan 38.868°N 142.057°E 37.1

The strongest earthquake of the day was reported off the Ofunato coast in Japan. There were no reports of major damages or injuries from the tremor.

5 Black Swans Found Dead In China 


Strange animal deaths continue in China, as more black swans have been found dead in an area that has experienced mass animal deaths near the  North-eastern corner of Anhui University’s old campus in Hefiei, which is the capital of Anhui province, the media is reporting. Earlier there were 16,000 pigs reported dead in the river,  which was linked to illegal pork trade, but the swan death cause is still unknown.


The Prophet Planet? 


The historical references to planet X are definitely documented by those who noticed something. The millions of locusts that have shown up as of late makes any planet X researcher wonder if we are about to go through history once again. One element that we have noticed in our neck of the woods has been a reddish sunset that almost blood-red, similar to some of the blood-red rivers that have been seen as of late.


Here is video footage of the locusts plague that hit Egypt and several other areas recently:


The red sunset is explained by Nancy Lieder and the Zetas as red iron oxide dust from the tail of planet x. Although light can reflect different colors, similar to a rainbow, but it seems as if the color of the sunset is a dark red color. It is almost as if the sunset is dense with this red color.

Fireball Season Cover Up – Video By TheUnitedKnowledge


On top of the magnetic field twisting, as well as the massive landslides, things are taking place on our planet that are simply unprecedented in scope and scale. The Russian meteor event should have been a wake up call to the world, that NASA, and your local news channel cannot warn you if a significant event will take place. Once again, no warning from any agency that a rock from space would do as much damage as it did that day.

Predictions And Preparations

Continued earth changes will take place in the near future, and all preparations should be made to help prevent potential hardships. Water, medical supplies, warm clothing, and some food storage can be affordable to anyone who is trying to prepare for any natural disasters.

Hurricane Sandy was another event that took place, where warnings were in place, and even though there were warnings many people struggled to survive without power for such a long period of time. There is still news reports of people having to live in hotels, as many have been displaced.

Five months after Hurricane Sandy, more than 2,000 people who were displaced by the storm remain in hotels in New York City, leading some officials to acknowledge that the city had not been prepared for the challenges in finding them housing. –

Lessons we can all take from this tragic event, is that Fema ran out of water, supplies were tight, and staying warm in conditions with no power became very important. A crank radio can provide a family with a way to communicate during harsh weather conditions, and an emergency heating blanket can provide heat in cold weather. In particular a solar-powered radio can provide lighting, as well as the weather report in your area.

Here is a list of items that can come in handy just in case of an emergency:

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