As the Hopi elder speaks, you get this sort of inner peace, because they speak with a lot of wisdom. To survive the coming earth changes and pole shift from planet x, it is a good idea to begin planting food, and becoming self-reliant. We have reached a time where being self-sufficient is becoming a mandatory thing to do, because of the collapsing economy, earth changes, and many other events that are effecting lives of millions of people.

Food riots, economic collapse, and $6.00 gasoline is nothing new, it has happened to other countries other than America before. As the Hopi elder said, America is dying, however, that doesn’t mean that a better, more simplistic lifestyle can’t be possible. When you look around in the world, there is a limitless amount of resources for us all to live very, very well. However, we all have to accept a better way of living.

The Internet Reveals How Far The Human Race Has Fallen 


With the rise of the corporation, and central power structure has created a system that does not work for everyone. This power structure has made it so that people actually have to work 2 jobs just to survive, not even to live. How is this freedom? There are those who basically have nothing, and they are happy with what they have, they have peace.

Of course, it is not easy to accept peace, and there will always be day to day challenges, but if humanity cannot learn how to feed themselves, and how to take care of one another, many lives will be lost because people do not want to accept a better way. The website you are viewing is about the earth changes that are taking place, but it is also about living, surviving, and thriving.

Profits Over Nature


When you look at the picture above, what do you see? A little creek filled with water? Boredom maybe?  Well, when I look at this image I see a world of opportunity that exists for many people. Clean water to drink possibly, tree’s filled with berries, apples, and other fruits  that are available. Being able to make the adjustment from fast food, and other things that many people today eat is going to be the most difficult thing to do because most people just don’t know how to do it, or they have been set in their way of living.

The corporations have made it so that everything is about money, and cutting down trees to get access to profits is the name of the game. Instead of using their influence and resources to produce more natural resources, they are used to make a profit, and continue to destroy the earth as we know it. The weird thing is that we can learn how to fish, hunt, plant, and purify water for ourselves once again, if we choose do so.

At the present time, seed is very cheap, but there are ways to not have to pay a price for something that the earth gives to us all. Of course, not everyone is going to listen, and not everyone is looking to do good for humanity. Many would like to see humanity fall during the pole shift event.

The Hopi Prophecy Of Planet X

It can be a very beautiful thing that happens, or it can be a very bad thing that can happen once this event takes place. The decision will be up to each and ever one of us. Will the masses of people who will beat you down over a xbox sale plant their own food? Or try to steal food from others? Only time will tell, but there is a good chance that there will always be thieves, so having the ability to feed yourself no matter how many thieves are around is very smart thing to do.


-Brian Clark

Earthshiftx is an independent researcher, that doesn't rely on funding by any mainstream media outlets. I'm a regular guy on a mission for truth, righteousness and consciousness.


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