Loud booms have become the ongoing story, as of late, this time loud booms occurring in Fond Du Lac county.This loud boom event was felt in fairwater, Markesan, Oakfield, Waupun, Cambellsport and Brandon Wisconsin. With many living in the area posting messages on Facebook and Twitter about a cracking sound which shook their homes.

loud booms

According to the geologist the event was due to a cryoseism where water sinks into the soil and bedrock and then freezes, and the rock expands causing a loud cracking sound. Keep in mind these loud boom incidents have been occurring before cold weather conditions. –source

Train Crashes

train crash Two freight trains collided in Utah on Wednesday, spilling corn onto an interstate highway as well as injuring three railroad workers. This is just one of the many train derailments that have taken place as of late, with train incidents in Canada, and North Dakota train crash being the worst.  

Extreme Weather Events

A freak tsunami wave took place in Portugal injuring several people, with no significant earthquake that took place before this event occurred.


Extreme cold weather temperatures have frozen U.S fuel supply as cold weather has broken records in many states. And caused natural gas operators to reduce flow and refineries to scale back in production. source



image source usgs maps: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/

A 3.1 earthquake hit Soledad in California at a depth of 6.2 miles according to the U.S Geological Survey.

2014-01-08  16:50:31.0 46.72 N 153.02 E 48 magnitude 5.1 A  KURIL ISLANDS
  2014-01-08  18:15:12.4  Magnitude                                             5.3 A  SOUTHWESTERN RYUKYU ISL., JAPAN
2014-01-08  23:48:23.7 27.52 N 66.00 E 20   magnitude 4.7 A  PAKISTAN
2014-01-08  18:15:12.4            Magnitude                                     5.3 A  SOUTHWESTERN RYUKYU ISL., JAPAN
2014-01-08  18:57:34.2                              Magnitude                 4.8 A  NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
2014-01-08  23:48:23.7 Magnitude                           4.7 A  PAKISTAN



According to geologists and geophysicists Mount Toba may erupt soon at any time. Mount Toba is currently regarded as a super volcano and it has a large magma chamber which would leave a massive caldera.

Mount Marapi the second volcano in sumatra erupts, spewing 200 meters of smoke from the crater into the air. Residents living in the area were told to stay away from the volcano. – source

Mount Sinabung also in Indonesia has shown unrest as the volcano has erupted more than fifty times since Saturday. Residents have been sent fleeing away from the volcano as gas and lava as high as 4 to 5 kilometers has been seen.

At mount Etna In Sicily Italy there is weak sporadic ash emissions with steadily rising  tremor activity. There has been in increase of activity at the Fuego volcano in Guatemala. And the San Miguel volcano in El Salvador is still restless.


A drought emergency has been declared for Mendocino County Board as a unanimous vote for an imminent threat of disaster. –source

Land Collapse

There was a Cheltenham road collapse yesterday, with ongoing investigation. Update on that Ensenada toll road collapse, as tourism has been affected by the unstable road area. source 1 | source 2


11 Fireball reports for 1/8/2014, there are currently 2 reports pending investigation.

20 fireballs



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