On April the 16th 2013, a video was created highlighting the several different video images of planet X. Here is the video below:


Inverting the image at the 0:18 mark in the above video using Microsoft paint gave us the following image:


There is without question, a dense object next to our sun in the above video, with something that appears to have a tail just as the ancient tales of planet X proclaim. We are not stating that this is planet x, however, we are stating that this bears resemblance to planet X, and something is next to our sun.

Other Planet X Signs

Another video that came to our attention was published on April the 29th via a man with a video camera below:

This is an interesting video, but we wonder, isn’t planet x supposed to be near the sun? Maybe it shows up differently if you are in another part of the hemisphere? Still a few questions that we have, but the evidence is clear, objects are showing up in our skies, and earth changes continue.

It’s not only on earth do we see drastic changes, but we also see drastic changes taking place on other planets such as saturn.

planet x

The following is a quote from the spaceweather.com article on Saturns storm:

“We did a double take when we saw this vortex because it looks so much like a hurricane on Earth,” said Andrew Ingersoll, a Cassini imaging team member at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

“But there it is at Saturn, on a much larger scale, and it is somehow getting by on the small amounts of water vapor in Saturn’s hydrogen atmosphere.” –spaceweather.com

On top of some of the activity that we are witnessing on other planets, there is also evidence on the Swiss currency, of some type of planet on an elongated orbit into our own solar system:

swiss currency


This is interesting, and notice how comet Ison, has a similar type of orbit. We don’t believe that C2012 (Ison) will cause the end of the world, but we do believe that ison has other objects coming along with it. As an unusual meteor shower is projected for ison as it makes its passage.

All conspiracy aside, comet ison will provide one of the best space shows that the world has ever seen. Especially if it will light up in the sky like it is being projected to do.

So apparently a message of another planet or object coming into our solar system is being placed right in front of the world to see. Then we have the evidence of some type of dense object that is near our sun, which is highlighted in several of our blog posts and articles.

Recently, there was a blogger who had an urgent warning about multiple nukes going off in the United States, which would trigger widespread martial law. You can read the blog that covers this topic in more detail here: http://www.americanholocaustcoming.blogspot.com/

Hopefully this event doesn’t happen, but it would tie in with our theory that more police state would make sense, if the agenda is to create a new world order. Our theory is simple, if planet X is coming, a staged terrorist event would help to bring about the “new world order” that the bush family spoke about.

Only time will tell, but in the mean time, try to make the best of things and enjoy life. Stay tuned for more earth changes soon!


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