Freezing cold temperatures have been the ongoing story as of late, as winter storm warnings have swept across the United States. At the current time, previous records are being broken, and global warming is officially a conspiracy theory.

dangerous deep freeze

To the south there is freezing rain , as well as the East. Heavy Midwest snow is expected, with brutal cold temperatures right behind it. The type of temperatures that will be felt have not happened in decades in some areas ( For more information visit


Yesterday there was a report of a bad weather system from the Atlantic headed for Europe, which created 10 meter high waves. Floods in Cusco, Peru are also a story to watch as torrential rains have left 16,000 people isolated and hundreds homeless. Authorities in the area are reporting rainfall for the last 15 days, and has led to a landslide in the area.

Small Earthquakes In Australia

A 2.6 earthquake struck near Aberfyle Park in Adelaide’s southeast area in Australia. A magnitude 3 earthquake took place at Hawker in the Flinders Ranges at a bout 4:30. A strong magnitude 6.1 earthquake was reported west of Mariana Islands at a depth of 31 km. A 5.4 earthquake took place in Vanuatu with a 4.7 earthquake taking place south of Java Indonesia. – source


active, volcanoes, volcanism

Two smaller earthquakes took place at the El Hierro volcano in the Canary Islands In Spain. Activity overall has remained calm with not much signs of volcanic unrest. There is a growing lava dome at the Sinabung volcano in Sumatra Indonesia, with pyroclastic flows at rising levels.

Moderate explosions are currently taking place at the Dukono volcano located in Halmahera. The Fuego volcano in Guatemala is showing Occasional strombolian explosions with strong incandescent ejections up to 100-150 m above the crater. –source

 Strange Animal Migration

It is a fact that magnetic north is on the move, and the effect that it has on animals continues to show as an unusual number of Arctic snowy owls have been spotted in the United States. An unusual number of Arctic snowy owls have been spotted in the Albany New York area. The recent sightings have only been the third ever recorded sighting of the owl. In most cases the snowy owls are found in the Canada area, and in the Arctic. –source


There was a landslide which took place in Otago, which caused flooding upstream and a natural dam which could break at any moment. On January the 4th the Associated Press posted an amazing video clip showing yet another cliff collapse:

Building collapses – Just 9 hours ago there was a roof collapse which killed 7 at the International in Wausau. In India a building collapse killed 7 people yesterday, with dozens in the are trapped.  And finally in Boston there was a pipe burst which led to the road collapsing, stalling traffic.

Water Main Bursts

A water main took place in Philadelphia today, as a 6-inch water main busted open early Sunday.The next water main break took place at the intersection of Stadium Boulevard and Ash Street. In Sayreville crews from the Mycon LLC are working through the night to fix a water main break which flooded a road in Sayrevelle.

In Columbia MO, a water main break near stadium and Ash street took place Sunday morning, flooding an entire street.

Train Crashes

A train crash took place in Wetzel county yesterday after a train hit a car in Folsom on Sunday morning.

Fireballs In The Sky

A total of  30 reports of fireballs have been seen for 1/5/2014, a total of 45 reports are currently being investigated coming in from all across the United States.

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