First off, I want to say that the photo’s and video shared in the above video are excellent. Here is the link to S.E’s channel: source

At 12:39 in the video you can see multiple objects that match the exact same object that was captured by a truth seeker.

Before I get to the photo that was sent in earlier from readers like you here is the inverted version of the crown or winged destroyer:

Here is the image that was sent in from a reader:

Here is a comparison of both images circled:

In total there are 5 objects with debris trailing and behind the objects.

The reason why I’m highlighting this is because this confirms to me that two different people have captured the same object. This lends credibility to the claim that this is all real, and it cannot be ignored!

Since what we are dealing with is a Trinary system, that moves in a corkscrew fashion, I’m thinking that the object sent in from a researcher was a rare glimpse in the northern hemisphere U.S.A.

G1.9 Numerology & Other Connections

Numerology is used by those who run the world, and they are in control over many news events then we should be able to get some more clues on G1.9.

Supernova remnant G1.9+0.3 in the constellation Sagittarius is the youngest known supernova remnant (SNR) in the Milky Way Galaxy. source

If G1.9 is planet x maybe we can draw some connections using numerology and evidence.

19 – I want to look at the number 19 first, (1) can be considered 1 group of objects, (9)  The negative vibration of nine in ancient times was feared, because when nine showed up it meant that changes can take place/drama unfolds.

  • Reverse 19 = 91, Deception = 91 in Pythagorean numerology

When you look at the letter and how it links to the numbers in the English alphabet G=7  , A=1 , I=9 ,  which spells Gai, type in Gai into Google and you see the Government Accountability Institute. 

Gai’s mission is:


Remember G=7  , A=1 , I=9,  Let’s breakdown things further, 7+1+9 = 17 = Q , 1+7 = 8 = H. This adds two more letters to Gai/GaiQ(17)h(8). Type this into google(Gaiqh) and you will get the   Google Analytic IQ exam. link

  •  When we broke down 7+1+9 that equaled = 17 , Lie = 17 in Pythagorean numerology.

So far the word lie and deception are associated with G1.9,  Iq test, and  former government investigation website showed up for Gai.

Letters Analyzed

G represents the 7th letter of the alphabet, which is considered the end of a cycle. G (7) are related health-wise, since the Hebrew word for (G) Gimel is related to health and disease.

A (1) is the element for air

I (9) is considered the number for humanity because it contains all previous numbers 1-8

H(8) The number 8 is a pictorial representation of the celestial orbits and
of cycles in life.

Q(17)The circle represents the spiritual sun, the line at the bottom of the Q represents the rod of balance.

My intuition based on this reading is that G1.9 is representing an end of a cycle because G is at the beginning of the word.

  • NOTE: When you analyze word in numerology the first letter sets the tone for the rest of the word.

The letter H represents the 8th letter of the Alphabet so we are dealing with an end of a cycle connected to celestial orbits.


42 = New world , 33 is the highest degree in sin the Scottish rite of freemasonry and 33 is a master number. Our great spiritual gift is the Genesis (33) of life.

The opposite side of the vibration is Doomsday, Holocaust, and Calamitous, all 33-words that
are the negative side of the spiritual

So far I’m thinking that G1.9 is hidden code for an end of a cycle, which brings about a new world in the physical(1) , spiritual plane(33), and  took place previously(9).

The reason why I lean towards the negative vibration with many numerology readings is because the controllers of our media operate on that negative vibration.

What if this assumption I’m making is wrong? Well, then G1.9 could be representing an end of a spiritual cycle which is what Dr Delbert Blair mentioned in Nibiru/Neberu means.

Dr Delbert Blair said that the earth is moving into the 5th dimension, but I’ll leave that for a later article.

Exploding Supernova = 93, Propaganda = 93

This is why I don’t believe G1.9 was really an exploding supernova, but instead a brown dwarf star.





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