A 3.6 earthquake took place in Kyrgyztan at 11:39 pm on March 22. The epicenter was located 50 kim east from Chon Talaa village and 15 km north-east from Batken.

A light magnitude 4.6 earthquake took place in Seram Indonesia, with a depth of 115 km. There were no damages to report or loss of life.

There are recent reports of over 150 earthquakes at Peavine Mountain in California. According to the seismology lab at UNR they haven’t received any reports of movement from area residents, but that doesn’t surprise them.

The good news is that most of the small earthquakes are shallow and weak, however there has been a large number of them, which could potentially mean a much larger earthquake in the near future.

“Well we know there are big earth quakes here over geological time. They have happened in the past and its hopefully they will not be associated with this earth quake sequence. But Northern Nevada is no stranger to big events faults that can generate strong ground shaking. People should be aware of that,” says Ken Smith with the Seismology Lab.


 Volcanic Activity 


 At the El Hierro volcano in the Canary Islands there are reports of earthquakes and tremors which have continued to migrate a bit to the NW off the NW tip of the island. At the time there are 62 quakes above magnitude 2.0 or greater that were recorded yesterday.

Magma is still moving and has risen a bit closer to the surface, and, thus, a potential eruption.

An intense third, earthquake took place yesterday. Measuring 3.8 which is largest recorded tremor so far.
The Batu Tara volcano in Indonesia remains at an elevated level for activity, as another explosion took place today. An ash plume rising to 10,000 feet in altitude erupted from the volcano.

Elevated So2 emissions remain for the Ambrym volcano in VanuatuThe Popocatepetl volcano in central Mexico remain calmed, with the rate of emissions down to less than 1 per hour, but has increased slightly as of yesterday.
A seismic swarm at the Telica volcano in Nicaragua continue, with small tremors registering beneath the eastern sector of the volcano.

Green Fireball Streaks Across The Sky

There were over 350 reports of the green meteor the streaked across the sky yesterday. As NASA has made a statement saying that the green fireball was most likely a meteor. A security camera in Maryland caught the event on camera, and it was much larger than normal:


“NECN meteorologist Matt Noyes spoke with Ron Dantowitz of the Clay Center Observatory in Brookline, Mass. about the meteor.

“These kinds of fireballs, which could be either meteoric in origin, like an asteroid, or man made  like a satellite, look similar. One of the defining things between them is the speed. If it moves very slowly, it takes a minute or so to cross the sky, it’s most likely a re-entering man made satellite.  If it takes 3, 4, 5 or 6 seconds to cross the sky, it’s almost always a piece of an asteroid or meteorite, says Dantowitz.” –

$500m Construction At The Denver New World Airport 


Despite the tough economy, and the growing national defecit, the Denver New World Airport is under going a $500 million dollar project.The project will include a 519 room hotel, conference center, train station and plaza connecting the two.

Here is a few facts from the rabbithole2 website about the mysterious airport, shrouded in conspiracy:


The initial cost was to be 1.7 BILLION dollars but by the time they were done it cost $4.8 BILLION – obscenely over budget.

The DIA is the largest international airport on US soil…Nearly twice as big as Dallas.

  • Words used to describe the DIA were “buried in technical problems”, “poor project management”, “overwhelming complexity” and “America’s most inconvenient airport”.
  • It was built in a high wind area (Stapleton Airport hadn’t been) that causes it to be shut down or flights delayed often.
  • Even though the area is basically flat (it’s in a valley), they moved 110 million cubic yards of earth around. This is about 1/3rd of the amount of earth they moved when they dug out the Panama Canal.
  • The airport has a fiber optic communications core made of 5,300 miles of cable. That’s longer than the Nile River. That’s from New York City to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The airport also has 11,365 miles of copper cable communications network. –

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