Earthquakes – An early morning 4.2 magnitude earthquake took place Tuesday in southwest Guthrie, 24 miles north of Oklahoma City. The tremor caused damage near the epicenter in central Oklahoma.

Other earthquakes in Oklahoma include a 2.7 in Edmond, 2.5 in Spencer Oklahoma, and an additional 2.7 in Guthrie Oklahoma.

An abnormal 3.3 earthquake took place in ferron Utah today, with no reports of damages or injuries in the event. Utah has been an area recently where the land seems to be unstable as of late with last years massive Kennecott mine collapse, and the landslide event in a local neighborhood.

Another strong 5.3 earthquake took place on the Iran-Iraq region, and a  5.0 magnitude earthquake took place in Mindanao Philippines.  An additional 5.0 earthquake took place in the Philippines 80 kilometers in-depth.


Along with the social shake up going on in Missouri there was also a 1.4 New Madrid Missouri, and a magnitude 1.3 South of Lilbourn Missouri. Nearby in Ridgely Tennessee a 1.6 earthquake took place, and a 2.0 earthquake in Heber Springs Arkansas.

Volcanic Activity


Earthquake Swarm At Yellowstone –  Looks like swarms of earthquakes continue at Yellowstone with an uptick of magnitude 1-2 earthquakes taking place on August 18th 2014. The strongest of the tremors were two magnitude 2.0 earthquakes took place today at Yellowstone today.

Volcanic activity at the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland has led to the evacuation of people living near by. 

Ebola / Ferguson/ Planet X

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Why is it important to pay attention to the situation taking place in Ferguson? And Ebola? Both situations could be used for worldwide martial law & Ferguson could also be used to practice martial law after the new Madrid plate adjustment.

Remember, Bob Fletcher trying to warn us on the Alex Jones radio show that the governments of the world are expecting a celestial impact? Remember how he mentioned martial law before this event? Well the precedent is being met as we type this message to our followers.

The red skies are now obvious, the weird smell to the air is also obvious, the earths fault zones are also awakening.

Planet x aka Hercolubus has not been visible with the naked eye yet, so many cannot see it and then say well, nothing is there. In order to see the celestial body, you have to use either a red filter lens in front of the camera, or you have to use a program such as lightroom 3 in order to see the object after taking photos just as this youtube researcher did here.

Chemtrails have made it so you can only see this object 1 out 10/20 days you try to record the sunsets or sunrises, so you have to stay diligent in your efforts to capture planet x if you desire to do so.

Ebola – The latest out of the Ebola news feed shows is bad, today, there was a new infection case in the State of California in the Sacramento Kaiser Permanenta South Center. Yesterday there were two infected cases in the west Flanders province in the Netherlands, and the state of New Mexico in the USA.


This is a total of  three new infections in just 24 four hours, so the situation is getting more interesting.


Weather Extremes – An area is currently under watch off the coast of Africa with tropical storm Karina with a wind speed of 83 km, and tropical storm lowell at a wind speed of 83 km.

 In Phoenix Arizona – Devastating floods have been affecting the area, with drivers getting stuck, and an amazing amount of water in certain locations.

In Japan at least six people have been confirmed dead and 22 missing after rain caused the outskirts of Hiroshima to give away early Wednesday.

An intense hail storm rained on Mexico City causing floods, and  leaving residents scrambling for their homes.

Emergency Drills

An emergency drill will be planned in logan county in Kentucky with a previous drill simulating an earthquake event. The pawhuska City Council met on Monday evening for their second meeting of the month. source

In Storm Lake Iowa , various emergency agencies played out a scenario where the steps of the outdoor water slide towers collapsed, with 40-50 injured. source

Water mains -Nationwide water main bursts have taken place in in the punchbowl area, roanoke, Mabry highway, Tampa Bay, Greensboro, and River run today.


Yesterday a huge meteor was spotted across the sky across southern British Columbia, according to the report the fireball was apart of the Perseid meteor shower.

At the current time the American Meteor Society is reporting a whopping 146 reports spanning across the following USA states AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, IA, IN, MA, MI, MT, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NV, NY, OK, OR, PA, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, WA, WI & WY, and 52 reports from Canada, India, Italy and Mexico.

According to one of the reporters:

“This was amazing. I have never seen anything like this”

30 sporadic fireballs, 12 Perseid, and 5 Kappa Cygnids were reported by the Nasa all sky cameras.


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