On February the 13th 2014,  there was a magnetic compression of earths (IMF) field-lines ( see image below):

solar wind, This magnetic compression was not from solar wind from the sun, as there were no impacts from February the the 13th – February 15th 2014:

cme source

A clear significant  uptick in volcanic activity as well as earthquake swarms occurred on February the 14th 2014 as highlighted in yesterday’s video.

Over the next few weeks will attempt to plot train derailments for 2013 on the earth changes map, and analyze the history of train derailments to see if they are in fact on the rise, or just normal, the question is are these events happening more often due to magnetic disturbances from planet x/nibiru/hercolubus?

We’ll try to get down to the bottom of each category to find the normal and abnormal and report back with our findings with detailed information for the public to access.

Sightings Of Planet X/ Hercolubus/ Nibiru

Several other individuals subscribed to our youtube channel have noticed the dusty red sunsets that are very obvious at the time. On top of the dusty red sunsets directly due west, today we noticed the yellow and white sunset directly North West.

It is very clear that something is out there, the big question is what? Well, the following video comes Dan Flynn youtube channel, and it shows clearly something below the sun at 7:31 time frame in the video:


More preparation is taking place for something on a massive scale, with 44,000 M205 Tripods for heavy machine guns, here is the link to that purchase here(credit to Daboo7 for the video).

Is this more preparation for planet x/nibiru? Or is this massive preparation for something else? you decide. At the end of the day, there are not only magnetic disturbences taking place here on earth, and youtube Astral Travler covers all of this data: 



A powerful 6.1 earthquake took place in Alaska on February the 26th 2014, according to the U.S Geological survey, the tremor rumbled the the near the town of Nikolski, Alaska today at 9:13 a.m. This is an area prone to earthquake activity.

There was activity at the Yellowstone volcano today:

yellow stone



There were a few magnitude 1.0 – 2.0 earthquakes as well today, and we are monitoring these earthquakes due to the leaked memo reported by planet 7x, the eruption of yellowstone :


Two small earthquakes took place in Oklahoma, with the first tremor measuring 3.2 in magnitude at Enid Oklahoma, and separate tremor measuring 3.3 in magnitude in McCord Oklahoma.

The following is a list of magnitude 4.5 or greater earthquakes for 2/26/2014:





Volcanic Activity

Activity at the Sheveluch volcano no longer has shows explosions or dome collapses at the time, however activity remains high and could happen again at any given time.

The lava dome is still growing on both sides and is producing smaller avalanches as well as intense steam plumes.

The Marapi volcano in the very active Indonesia region erupted on Wednesday night, shooting ash into the sky and incurring a downpour of ash and volcanic sand up to 10 km to the south of the crater.

At the current time the volcano is on the third  highest alert level, and 57 recorded eruptions have taken place since January 2014. . -source

Fireball Events

More fireball reports are coming in after the large fireball event which took place on 2/25/2014, with 45 reports seeing fragmentation, and 5 reports hearing sound.

A total of 160 fireballs have been reported, with the original reports starting at 90. A total of 7 reports came in for today, with no sound, or fragmentation.

A total of 19 fireballs are currently pending across several states and countries the time( CA, CO, DE, ID, IL, MD, MN, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, VA & WA and 3 reports from Canada and Germany).

Building Collapse – A building collapse in Brownsville Brooklyn left 8 construction workers suffering non- life threatening injuries. –source

Water Main Brea Mageddon – A water main break flooded portions of route 90 and Selkirk Avenue source.

A water main break in Charleston’s west side left 100 customers without water. –source

In North Iowa today, water continues to freeze pipes and break water mains.  – source

Cars were stuck when a water main break froze over the water and left drivers frustrated.  source

In Hoboken, Jersey City a 24 inch water main break caused major traffic jams. –source

In Pittsfield Massechussets a water main break took place on Tuesday in Bershire Community College.  – source

The O’ Plaine Campus of Warren Township was shut down early due to an eight-inch main break, affected a number of homes in the area. –source

A junior high is closed today due to water main break which took place in a school parking lot.   – source

Another water main break took place at lake Wacamaw, and is causing pressure problems and outages in some areas. – source

One lane of the Observer highway in Hoboken was closed due to a 24 inch water main break in the area.  – source

A water main break on Oliver road has shut down a majore intersection in Thunder Bay. –source

A watermain break closed webster street in Montgomery County in Harrison TWP. –source

In Detroit Mi, a small water main break caused big problems for drivers, as water spewed from the ground. –source

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