Whether you believe planet x is the cause for the extreme earth changes, or man is causing the extreme earth changes or something else. One thing that many people can agree is that what is taking place is nothing short of incredible. The following video is from one of our most recommended channels for awakening someone who has no idea what is going on with our planet.


Those end of the world doomsday preppers don’t seem so crazy after all, as these events pick up in scale and frequency worldwide. Of course this is not to say that the world will end, and that it is time to panic, but simple a time to be prepared for natural disasters, as that is what we are being warned about.

The Proof Is In The Fireballs

413For those who are skeptical about planet x causing all of these extreme earth changes, the one question that you have to ask yourself is what is causing the increase in fireballs?

There are no meteor showers causing these fireballs, because the meteor showers are not even close to some of the larger events we are all witnessing.

In 2005 there were hardly any fireball reports, and it was rare to see large fireball events taking place. Yet there are actually media outlets that lie and say that it is fireball season, or the favorite, “fireballs happen all the time, what’s the big deal?”.

Another favorite excuse that is used for these fireball events is that it just some space junk, and while true there is also space junk, eye witness accounts are seeing fireballs with tails and horns.

Not only are people witnessing more fireballs but the fireballs with sound are also increasing, and that is un-deniable at this point in time.

The important thing to remember is that these fireball sightings are also being seen mainly in the United states, so if an object in space was approaching, wouldn’t fireballs be seen in mainly one location? Of course they would be, and now that is obvious.

The last thing to remember which we have highlighted over and over again is that the fireballs witnesses are reporting, or the brightest fireballs that they have ever witnessed and quote “close”. Just today a fireball report from  Skaneateles, NY  said the following:

“It caught my attention immediately.The sight was spectacular and unlike anything I have ever seen before.”  source

Red Skies Can’t Be Disguised






The above images are real photo’s, they are not made up, and were taken at sunset time. Taking these types of photograph’s is not something that mainstream media will do, or investigate, at least at the current time.

red skies, nibiru, planet xThe photo above reveals a round red object in the western sky, and there is no doubt that something is there.


Just a minute later we took a picture at 7:11 P.M, and what we want readers to take note of is how the cloud is in front of the object, and there is a color difference between the object and the clouds. You decide what is happening here, we are just presenting to you what we have found in our photo’s.




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