For the month of October 2012, there were 128 earthquakes that were recorded in the Yellowstone National Park area. Some of the largest earthquakes were a pair of magnitude 3.1 events which took place on October 14th at 8:55 PM and 9:21 PM, located 18 miles south southwest of the west Yellowstone, MT.

All of these events were part of 55 earthquakes recorded in October with magnitudes ranging from M 0.9 to Magnitude 3.1.

The swarm continued briefly on OCtober 26th and an additional 8 events, Magnitude 1.4 through Magnitude 2.3 and were located in the same area in teh western edge of madison Plateau.

According to the article at has deformation patterns at Yellowstone which are within historical norms. Earthquake intensity has spiked up since 2003, as we mentioned in one of our previous articles which you can read here.

Louisiana Sinkhole Update For 11/02/2012


One of the news stories that we have covered in previous news articles is the growing Louisiana sinkhole. How large has the sinkhole grown as of 11/2/2012? According to a recent article, the sinkhole widened out to the size of 5 football fields, now it is the size of 6 football fields based upon the Assumption Parish Department of Homeland Security and Emergency preparedness director John Boudreax.

The question you might be thinking is, how big will this sinkhole become? Well, here is a recent fly over video that was taken on November the 1st, 2012 which you can watch by clicking here.

Youtuber Idahopicker provides excellent analysis on the situation in Louisiana, you can watch his latest video where he shows you the potential threats for the area:

Earthquake Update For 11/2/2012

On  the southern Philippine island of Mindanao there was a magnitude 6.4 earthquake according to the U.S Geological survey. The good news about this earthquake is that there were no reports of damages, or loss of life.

There were after shocks that were later reported, but they were hardly felt in the area. This particular area is in the vicinity of the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” where earthquake and also volcanic activity takes place on regular basis.

This 6.4 is yet another large earthquake in the many magnitude 6.0 or higher earthquakes that we witnessed during the Masset Canada earthquake swarm, which we are still having aftershocks for even today.  As the object that is in space is approaching, earthquake intensity and frequency should spike up, which is what is currently happening if you have been taking notes on earthquake activity.






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