Periodic animal extinctions have always been blamed on events such as climate change, global warming, asteroids, and of course volcanoes erupting. The question remains, what is the cause of the earth going through these significant earth changes? Could it be that as planet X makes it’s 3,600 year orbit that significant earth changes cause extinction level events?

A recent article from the newsletter brings light to this possibility in detail, highlighting the extinction of the Wooly Mammoth species dead carcasses that were discovered due to thawing:

“The steady thawing that has taken place in the Arctic is undoubted a factor in the discovery of these carcasses, as the smell of decay was a factor in this latest discovery. But what caused them to be frozen solid for thousands of years? Here’s a clue. They are estimated, by carbon dating, to have died out on Wrangle Island in the polar circle only 3,700 years ago, and to have arrived at Wrangle Island 7,390 years ago.

Those sound like multiples of the 3,600 year passage of Planet X!  Per the Zetas, 7,200 years ago Wrangle Island became our N Pole and then this moved to Greenland 3,600 years ago. It appears the mammoth scrambled onto Wrangle Island to escape the sloshing Arctic, and then died out eating the remaining dried grass in the tundra.

The young mammoths now being discovered are estimated to have died 10,000 years ago in North Central Siberia, another multiple of 3,600 (times three is 10,800 years).  Per the Zetas, the crust shifted at that time to place the N Pole over North Central Siberia. Suddenly bitter cold, and perhaps flooded to the point of drowning by the sloshing Arctic, they remained frozen until this day. ” –

What’s interesting about this latest discovery is that not only do we have evidence that mammoths have died in those cyclical time frames, but that entire human species were wiped out in different time periods as the link here highlights:

The link above will take you to a chart that show’s the periodic extinction of many civilizations that existed, and all of the sudden stopped existing.

Earthquake Activity

In Belfast, Maine A minor earthquake was reported near the coastal Maine city of Belfast. The earthquake measured a small 2.1 in magnitude and was centered about 10 miles west of Belfast in Waldo County.

The quake took place at around 11p.m., and it was not a strong enough earthquake to cause damage and could not be detected by people, unless they were very close to the epicenter. –

There was not that many significant earthquakes over magnitude 5.0 or higher for November 24, 2012:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.3 60km W of Bantogon, Philippines 6.461°N 123.494°E 600.3
5.1 38km ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan 38.288°N 141.714°E 49.6

 Woman Dies From A Rogue Wave

In Pompano beach a woman died after a boat capsized near the Hillsboro inlet Thursday afternoon. Nina Poppelsdorf,41, died when here but was slammed by a rogue wave, which caused the boat to capsize.The boat was returning from a dive trip with 23 people on board: 21 divers and 2 crew members

Here is video coverage from a local news channel that covers what took place that day:

Mayan Gives A Predication On The December 21st, 2012


Louisiana Sinkhole 11/24/2012


So basically, the situation at the Louisiana sinkhole is not looking any better than a few months ago, if earthquakes in the area increase or continue, there is not doubt that the Louisiana sinkhole will continue to widen even faster. The best thing to do at this point is to evacuate the area, and hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.



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