Earthquake Activity

A small earthquake took place in Johnson County, on Sunday morning, measuring 2.7 in magnitude. The U.S Geological survey said the quake struck 8:47 a.m and was centered near California Street just off County Road 1004, about 4 miles northeast of Godley and 3 miles south of Tarrant County line. Two weeks ago there was a magnitude 2.4 and 2.7 earthquake in Ellis County.

Here is the list of magnitude 5.0 or greater using the U.S geological survey live feed:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.1 69km SE of Old Iliamna, Alaska 59.278°N 154.124°W 0.4
5.7 131km SW of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea 5.297°S 151.538°E 72.5
5.5 124km S of Puerto San Jose, Guatemala 12.809°N 90.694°W 19.8
5.0 Mariana Islands region 12.465°N 141.927°E 32.7

Volcanic Activity


The Askja volcano in Central Iceland is experiencing a swarm of earthquakes at shallow depths, mostly around 2-5 km have been taking place in an area bout 12 km North East of the caldera. 27 earthquakes including 6 between magnitudes 2.1-2.7 were recorded yesterday.

The Gorely volcano in Southern Kamchatka is experiencing ongoing degassing, accompanied by unchanged moderate seismic activity. KVERT reports no eruptive activity. There is a growing lava dome that continues to develop at the summit and produces hot avalanches on the western and eastern volcanic flanks. Moderate seismic and strong gas-steam activity accompany this process.

The Schiveluch volcano in the Kamchatka region has produced an ash plume, from an explosion at the lave dome, which reached 19,800 feet into the are yesterday according to KVERT. The Tolbachik volcano reports no significant changes, but there is tremor activity which has increased again.

The lava dome continues to grow at the Bezymianny volcano in Central Kamchatka, with strong seismic activity from Tolbachik which obscures the seismicity of Bezymianny. There is a swarm of earthquakes to report at the To-shima volcano in the Izu Islands, many of the earthquakes that have taken place have been above magnitude 2.

Paluwe volcano in Indonesia continues to be active, with an ash plume rising 8,000 feet in altitude this morning. The emissions have increased at a frequency of 3 per hour, with some explosions producing low ash plumes. The Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador continues with increased activity, the seismic signal shows near continuous tremor.

 Louisiana Sinkhole Second Cavern Failure – Important Update


Erin Brockovich is visiting the sinkhole area, as Bayou COrne residents packed into a community meeting to hear what Brockovich and California based attorney Tom Girardi speak about how they will help the residents living in the area.

“Kind of curious to see what was going to be said. And everything they saying right now today, I’ve been saying since this started,” said Ernest Boudreaux, a Bayou Corne resident. –

350 people have been displaced from their homes in an evacuation order for the area since August of 2012.

“It’s not as easy as people say. Just because they giving you $875 to jump up and run and go live another life and forget about that,” said Boudreaux. “That’s what we worked for what we’ve got over there.”

This will be a situation to watch further, as conditions are taking a turn for the worse in Assumption Parish.

Second Sun Lens Flare? You Decide


It is very well possible that many of the second sun sighting that you view on youtube are lens flares, as the object at the 8:00 position does move, with that being said, there is still a possibility that planet X is out there, it’s just not visible with the naked eye. If planet X is a brown dwarf it will be almost impossible to see with a naked eye, and you will need an in infrared telescope to view it.

For more information on brown dwarf you can read the following source here:


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