These are very interesting times in which we are all living in, the U.S dollar is loosing it’s purchasing power, gun control talk is all over the internet and mainstream news outlets. New legislation’s are being passed with many states that don’t want any part of what is taking place.

From all the research, videos, articles, and links that point to the existence of planet x, everything that is taking place at the current time leads up to the event.

Will The World End?

earth changes

We are not predicting that the world will end, because humans are a very resilient race. As a recent article highlighted at, 10 civilizations have disappeared but somehow, we are all here today. And even though these civilizations were wiped out for the most part, there are still descendants  that live today.

What Are The Pieces To The Puzzle As Of 1/18/2013? 

gun control

#1 Gun Control – You can look almost anywhere online, and you will see the talk has shifted to gun control laws, and the massive ban on assault weapons. This piece of the puzzle is interesting, if planet x exists and makes it’s passage those who are in power would like nothing more than to disarm the public to have control over those who are affected by the passing planet x.

From Alex Jones rallying for the second Amendment rights of Americans, to the president attempting to pass a new ban on Assault rifles, to Piers Morgan debating Alex Jones about gun controls, there is no shortage of talk about guns. 

weather, snow storm, 1/18/2013

 #2 Global Warming Chatter – Just about everywhere, there is talk of how man made global warming is causing polar ice caps to melt and flowers to bloom earlier than normal. But what is funny about these claims is that parts of the United States are also freezing(see

From our research the earth has a wobble that is becoming more obvious every single day. Here is absolute proof of the earth’s wobble:


Here is yet another video that displays earth’s clear wobble using a compass:


“Nancy Lieder explains earth’s wobble, quote:

Because the Earth’s magnetic poles are not aligned precisely with the geographic poles, the N Pole is sometimes hidden behind the curve of the Earth during the daily rotation in Winter, the position the Earth was in when it stopped in its orbit.

If Planet X, as the bully magnet, does not like the hose of magnetic particles coming from the Earth N Pole pointed at it, what would happen?The N Pole of Earth would be pushed away, when it presents, creating a wobble.”

Murals In Denver

mural 1

#3 Denver Airport Murals – One of the most interesting murals in the world right now is the Denver International Airport murals that depict some type of catastrophic event that will take place and disrupt the peace on earth and bring people together. Notice the above image of the officer killing  the dove.

mural 2The following image shows all of the nations of the world beating their swords into plowsheres and the spears into pruning sheers, just as the bible the depicts, which is an entirely different area of research in itself. These murals have caused quite a stir on the internet, with millions of people now understanding that something is indeed taking place.

You can view the rest of the Denver International Airport murals for yourself by clicking here.

#4 Volcanic Activity Increasing – Despite the belief by those in denial that everything is ok with the earth and there is nothing to be concerned about, volcanic activity continues to increase.


These are just a few of the active volcanoes spewing out thousands of feet of ash on a regular basis. If you want more information on how active volcanoes are at the current time we highly recommend you check out, and check out yesterdays earth change headlines for our full volcanic activity report.

#5 Earthquakes, Cracks, And Sinkholes – Critics will say that earthquake increases have taken place because there are more earthquake monitors.

Of course, it is normal for the earth to have many earthquakes on a daily basis, but it seems as if since 2003 the strength of these earthquakes keep increasing, as well as the death toll as we saw in Japan, Haiti, Indonesia, Chile, and the Christ Church New Zealand earthquakes.

Here is the best proof we have found for earthquake increases:


A key point to remember about earthquakes is the following:

The USGS changed the Richter scale in 1984 by one whole point or 1,000 % so this increase is even more significant. They also downgrade larger earthquakes into smaller ones all the time under reporting what is going on with the earth. With some volcanoes active today that haven’t been for hundreds or thousands of years, the rising up of the floor of the Pacific Ocean as reported by NASA & the rising up of the earth at YellowStone Super Volcano

Along with the increase in earthquakes we have seen cracks begin to show up:


Nancy Lieder speaks of what is taking place on Zetatalk, quote:

“As the Indo-Australia Plate lifts and slides, this allows the Pacific plates to shift west, which allows S America to shift west also. This is greatly increased by the folding of the Mariana Trench and the Philippine Plate.

But it is the Indo-Australian Plate that gives way to incite change in these other plates, and this is what is manifesting now to those closely following the changes. Once the folding of the Pacific has occurred, Japan has been destabilized.

We are not allowed to give a time frame for any of these plate movements, but would point out that it is not until the North Island of Japan experiences its strong quakes that a tsunami causing sloshing near Victoria occurs. There are clues that the New Madrid will be next.”

On top of earthquakes and cracks showing up, across the globe, sinkholes are still opening up as we reported in one of our previous articles that you can read by clicking here. Stay tuned for the latest on sinkholes, as suv’s continue to sink into the

ground as one man found out quickly, with a near death situation that almost took place.

So Why Did We Place These Pieces Together?

As researchers we don’t want to start fear, the goals is to get the information out to the general public who are un-aware of the earth changes that are taking place, the massive police state build up, and other conditions that are causing many to begin preparing for the worst.

If you put all of the pieces to the puzzle you get a clear picture that we are headed for tough times ahead. And the time to be prepared for whatever might come our way is NOW! We cannot stress this enough, as governments are getting ready, and many resources are being gathered for some reason.

Other notable pieces of the puzzle are wars, and rumors of wars taking place at the current time in the middle east in places such as Syria. Wars would also make sense if a pole shift took place, as nations seek to takeover other nations. In a chaotic and out of control situation, power hungry elitists will seek to gain power over those who are not as privileged or prepared, and this is why new gun legislation is no surprise.

Combine all of the recent developments with what ancient people described in dozens of accounts, and you have a recipe that is crystal clear. We will close with a video that you can use to start building up a food supply reserve:




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