For those who believe that planet X is real, then we should see increased earth changes across the world, and there is no shortage of earth changes taking place on earth. Today we will go over a few stories that planet X followers, and researchers might find interesting.

 15,000 Dead Fish In Galveston Texas 

Galveston 15,000 Dead Fish

Yesterday, Galveston city workers had to remove more than 15,000 fish from Lake Madeline. According to officials, the fish died as oxygen levels went down.

“Steven Mitchell, regional biologist at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), said that a high concentration of algae bloom depleted the oxygen level, killing fish that include Gulf mehaden, and smaller numbers of speckled trout and redfish.”


Earthquake News Headlines

Dried Springs

An interesting story popped up on radar as of late, when an earthquake emptied famed Haida Gwaii hot spring.

Last week’s large earthquake in hot springs apparently dried up, and became a casualty.

“According to Brent Ward, an earth sciences professor at Simon Fraser University, the earthquake could have caused one of a number of subterranean changes that would make the hot springs go dry. These include changing the groundwater level, completely closing of the cracks the water used to reach the surface, or causing a sudden surge in water that depleted the underground reservoir for a short time. It’s also possible the hot water was diverted elsewhere.


In other earthquake news a 5.3 earthquake struck the Minahasa, Indonesia area and a magnitude 5.3 in Detuwane, Indonesia.

Another 5.3 earthquake in Bunobogu Indonesia was also recorded by the USGS.

Science Teams Hunt For A Meteorite In Alabama


A NASA team is currently in the search for a meteorite that streaked across the northern Alabama sky.

Just recently the Orionid meteor shower passed through, however, is this meteorite apart of the Orionid meteor shower? Or could it be a random meteor shower.

Landslide Closes Pleasentville Road In Harrison

A fairly large lanslide has just shut down a road in the Harrison Township according to PennDOT spokesman on Thursday morning.

A mudslide was reported on road 837 in West Mifflin, here is a picture of the mudslide that closed the road:

 Rare Birds Show Up In Central New York

Strange bird migration has always been a sign that the earth’s magnetosphere is being disrupted by an object in space. Since bird species use the earth’s magnetic field to navigate and that field is being twisted, more strange bird migrations are projected in the present and in the future. Yesterday it was reported a species of bird  from the remote north Atlantic island region, and one from the high arctic, were spotted Monday and Tuesday at Cayuga lake.

“While many migrating birds tend to stay put during rough weather, those normally found over deep-ocean waters are often displaced during the storm, said Brian Sullivan, eBird project leader at Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology. 

“Think of the storm as a sponge moving across the south Atlantic, and toward landfall it picks up all the birds that can’t get out of its way,” Sullivan said. “It’s a really intense circulation.” –

An interesting part of this news article mentions another rare bird sighting, quote:

“A rarer sighting was reported on Cayuga Lake. A Ross’s Gull, a pinkish, dove-like bird rarely seen outside the arctic, was spotted in the area. “

Blood Rain Expected For Sweden

Nancy Lieder of and poleshift.ning, speaks of the red dust particles from planet X causing blood rain, red skies, and blood red rivers such as thee river we all noticed in the Yangtze river in Japan:

Many officials were baffled when they first viewed the blood red river, which looks just like human blood, and is spoken about in ancient texts in the bible. Our research team could not find any video’s or clips of the blood rain, however we did find an article that you can read here.

According to the article, scientists believe that  the red blood rain comes from the sand in the Sahara desert, so the question that comes to mind is if the sand in the Sahara desert is naturally red? 

At the current time there is not that much information available to solve this mystery, however, if any readers have an idea on what causes sand to turn read, we would enjoy hearing your ideas.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath 

New Jersey
People line up to fill gas containers at the New Jersey Turnpike’s Thomas A. Edison service area Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012, near Woodbridge, N.J. (AP Photo/Mel Evans) Source:

Staten Island residents are pleading for food, clothing, and gasoline as resources have been strained in the after math of one of the worst disasters in U.S history. Here is what one resident had to say about the conditions:

 “We’re going to die! We’re going to freeze! We got 90-year-old people!” Donna Solli told visiting officials. “You don’t understand. You gotta get your trucks down here on the corner now. It’s been three days!” –

On top of food shortages, and even sharks swimming in flood waters, there are also major gasoline shortages taking place. Here is a video that reveals a 2 hour wait for gasoline:


Even though there are bad stories from this disaster, there is a lot that we all can learn, and that is having enough fuel stored for emergencies, freeze dried foods, water, clothing, and tools to get out of your house just in case of a fire such as a crowbar. Another great item to invest in is a bug out bag that has all of your emergency items inside of it, just in case of a disaster.

Here is footage of Hurricane Sandy in a neighborhood, WARNING view discretion is advised:

Having these basic items before a disaster can be the difference that you need, and can help you sleep at night, knowing that your family is taken care of if things take a turn for a worse. Let us all take note of our emergency preparedness list, and do our best to be ready for any disaster that could take place.

Volcanic Activity

Just recently there was a detailed report of the latest volcanic activity courtesy of which you can read here. We want to close by saying that we thank you all for visiting our web blog, and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on what news you would like to be reported, leave them in the comments section below.


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