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The Latest On Planet X

The mystery remains, and the speculation is still running rampant, as researchers such as suspicious observers have admitted that quote ” Niburu could be out there”. Here is an interesting video from Dark Sky Watcher, which goes over a UFO that he recorded this past week on camera:


The next video was taken from youtube, and reveals something on the Helio viewer:


Recently a giant rock slide collapse took place in France, here is the video of this epic cliff collapse below:


Strange train derailments continue – A train derailment in Spain which killed over 80 people, with officials not knowing exactly what happened with the train, with speculation that the train was traveling too fast.

The following is the latest video of the mysterious train derailment, which is one of the many trains derailing with no apparent reason: 

Massive sinkholes continue – As we have stated previously, if a large heavenly body made it’s passage and caused devastating events to take place with our sun and our planet, would there be an effort to keep up the planet’s infrastructure?

Nope, why would you try to keep it up when you know what could potentially take place? On top of that cities are facing budget shortfalls, but we will save that for another blog. Here is video of one of the most incredible videos on sinkholes, where a woman was lucky to survive such an event:

The next video discusses the louisianna sinkhole which is well over 750 feet in depth, and is growing everyday little by little (please watch the entire video series for details), we recommend this channel because it is clear that there those who do not want this channel to exist:

What in the world is going on? Well, we strongly believe that the earth is becoming more and more unstable, and there is a short list of things that could be taking place right in front of our eyes, and that is some type of object, star, or planet that is making it’s way through our solar system.

Of course, we do not believe that the world will end, we are just stating the obvious, our world is clearly undergoing changes, and it’s important to get the word out on what we find on the subject of planet x, and how this mini solar system could be affecting earth.


Massive Earthquakes Continue 

earthquake, survivor, china, 6.6
Image source: This image shows a survivor of the powerful earthquake that took place recently.

On July 23 a massive 6.6 magnitude earthquake stuck the central China region killing at least 95 people in total, with hundreds of other people injured from the event.

Hitting at 7:45 a.m local time according to CNN, and resulting in destruction of thousands of buildings, and telecommunication lines.

Strange Weather Continues 

weather systems


Unusual weather systems have become the normal across the planet today, with the earth apparently having some type of wobble, as the sun is setting north west in our region, which is in the state of Mississippi.

Most recent volcano activity

At the Lokon Empung volcano in north Sulawesi Indonesia, an explosion took place on Monday, but remained very small, producing an ash plume of about 1200

m in height. At the Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala, the lava dome has been very calm during the past day, with no explosions and no movement at the previously active lava flows.

The pacaya volcano in Guatemala has increased with surface activity in the past few days. In Columbia, the Galeras volcano experienced a 3.2 earthquake which

took place yesterday morning, and felt by those living in the area.

There has been an increase of volcanic activity at the Tungurahua volcano since yesterday, with a column of steam and ash reaching 5 km above the crater then

drifting in to westerly directions. The Sabancaya volcano located in Peru is also experiencing increased activity, after a number of earthquakes have impacted the region lately (magnitude 2-3).


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