All of the research we have done on planet x is starting to all unfold right in front of our eyes. The sinking of Atlantis, Joshua’s long day, and the instant disappearance of civilizations long ago.

Our research has brought us from Immanuel Velikovsky work to charles hapgoods book Path of the pole, which further confirms everything we have been researching up until this point. The first part of this book talks about the different scientific hypothesis of how continents move, such as continental drift.

What the author of the book then shows is the gravitational displacement of earths lithosphere, along with the evidence of large plates deep beneath the oceans showing dramatic displacements in ground fissures some 40,000 miles long.

You can also see the sudden drop off of underwater land, which matches the sudden water displacements taking place on the indo-Australian plate boundary at the current time. What has the world witnessed after these sharp water column adjustments taking place? The answer, a shut off of the buoy’s in the area!


The above image shows the steep adjustment on one of the buoys on the indo-Australian plate. Zetalk says it best, quote:

“Evidence that the Indo-Australian Plate is rising dramatically just at the border of the Sunda Plate that houses Malaysia did create panic, but not in the general populace. The panic was among the elite in this country.” source

The Evidence Mounts

In today’s planet x research update we highlighted the object at the 12:00 position, that cannot be a lens flare. As colors are adjusted on the image you can see the spherical shape to the object, and of course the longer than normal sunsets.

So not only do we have all of the extreme weather, mass preparation for a large-scale natural disaster by fema and other organizations, now we have Obama planning for massive Ebola support in west Africa. The question is will those returning back to America accidentally get infected with the deadly Ebola virus?

This remains to be seen, but it’s no doubt about it, the situation is completely out of control, and the rate in which this is spreading is faster than any other Ebola outbreak in recent history.

  •  Ebola has infected at least 4,784 people as of Sept. 12
  • 2,400 of them dying

Red Skies 

pink skies


This picture was taken at sunset facing west, and you can see the skies pinkish color. This has been something we have witnessed long after the sun sets.

Of course we have heard arguments that this is some type of atmospheric effect, but the problem with that argument is that we have witnessed the pinkish/reddish skies cover the entire atmosphere. If you begin watching the skies, you can also see a dusty looking dark color, and even a noticeable smell.

The next couple of months will be very important to watch closely, as events look to be picking when it comes to earth changes. Notice this recent video in Napa Valley California showing the bow stress of the North American plate:


At the current time we have a large earthquake watch in effect for the rest of this week, which ends Friday. Have a great week out there, and prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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