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Indonesia has been undergoing a break up process which has been highlighted previously by researchers and earth watchers abroad. On April 2012 two magnitude 8.6 and 8.2 earthquakes struck the Indian Oceans, changing the make up of the Indo-Australian plate.

  • The earthquake was the strongest since 1900
  • The largest strike slip earthquake in history
  • The fault displacement had a displacement of 21.3 m (70 ft)

Here is a short animation of how a strike slip fault moves, according to modern geology:

According to researchers  the earthquake defied expectations, and was one of the strongest to occur away from any conventional plate boundaries.

“This earthquake, it was a ‘gee whiz’,” says study author Thorne Lay, a seismologist at the University of California, Santa CruzSanta Cruz

The earthquakes that took place in April 2012 were shining examples of new plate boundaries forming. Fast forward to today, and this area has never been more active with consistent 5.0 or higher earthquakes striking daily now:

austalian plate The large 7.0 earthquake which took place in Indonesia today was at a deep 567 km, this signals instability at a deep level of the earths crust. Consistently there is magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes along the indo-Australian plate, and the strength and frequency is increasing in this specific zone.

According to the controversal website:

The 7 of 10 scenarios describe plate movements, and for this to occur something has to release the deadlock, the current stalemate where the plates are locked against each other. Once the deadlock is broken and the plates start moving, sliding past each other, new points where the plates are locked against each other develop, but these are weaker locks than the one at present. The current lock, as we have so often stated, is the Indo-Australian Plate which is being driven under the Himalayas. This is no small lock, as the height of the Himalayas attests. Nevertheless, the activity in this region shows this likely to be the first of the 7 of 10 scenarios to manifest. Bangladesh is sinking and the Coral Sea is rising, showing the overall tipping of the Indo-Australian Plate. Now Pakistan is sinking and not draining its floods as it should, while Jakarta on the tongue of Indonesia is also sinking rapidly, showing that the tilt that will allow Indonesia to sink has already started.Zetatalk

Not that long ago, there was an animation of what this plate sequence of events would look like, and it’s not pretty:

video source

This is why the team is closely watching the Indo-Australian plate for increased seismicity, because this is the same area that Carlos munoz ferrada mentioned to watch for earthquakes.


There was an additional interesting earthquake which took place in Batgram Pakistan, which was a 5.4 in magnitude. If this terrible event were to occur, then we should see stronger earthquakes in this area as the Indo-Australian plate is driven under the Himalayas.

 Earthquakes &  Cover Ups

earthquakes, covered up

Credit to researcher Dutchsinse for exposing the 6.0 earthquake that was not reported by the and other websites.

This has been an ongoing event over the years, and today we witnessed what it’s like to be lied too big time! How could such as large earthquake be covered up or not reported?

It’s very simple, those that many of us rely on to tell us the truth don’t want the general public to be concerned. There are people who have an interest in keeping us all in the dark about significant events that could cause a panic.

If most of the large earthquakes are being covered up and not reported, then what else is not revealed to the public?

Strange Cloud Cover On A Clear Day

There’s a lot of truth in doing independent research into what is happening with our skies. What we noticed today was that the sky was clear for the most part of the day, and then suddenly the entire sky was covered with clouds.


These images were taken facing west at sunset time, and rapidly the sky become covered with clouds as the sun was setting. This is the same general area were we captured  planet x, and these clouds were covering the sun as well.DSCF1126[1]


What’s interesting about these clouds is that they don’t look natural at all, they don’t disappear or even move very fast at all from our observations of the sunsets and sunrises.

Once again, if there are cover ups going on with something as important as earthquakes, what makes people think that planet x would not be covered up as well? We also witnessed the sky turning red facing directly south at sunset.

Fireball Causes Panic In India

There is currently a fireball which triggered panic in India as a fireball was seen streaking across the sky and sent people in a panic. The fireball was reported from parts of Ernakulam, Thrissur, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kazhikode.

As usual authorities are telling people not to panic, and that is a good thing, however being prepared is just as important as not being in a panic. read more

Pretty soon, it will become difficult for the media to cover up the increased fireball activity in our skies. The public is going to want answers as to why people are hearing loud booms when these fireballs are being seen, and why are the fireballs so bright and fragmenting?


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