A magnitude 3.1 earthquake hit near Joshua Tree on Sunday afternoon. The earthquake took place 41 miles from twenty-nine Palms, 41 miles from Yucca Valley, 43 miles from Barstow and 256 miles from Phoenix.

Another shallow magnitude 3.1 earthquake was reported Sunday evening 18 miles from Lone Pine according to the USGS. The earthquake took place at 11:59 p.m PDT at a depth of 0.6 miles.

The epicenter was 54 miles from Ridgecrest, 69 miles from Porterville, 70 miles from Lindsay, and 217 miles from Carson City, Nevada.

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes for 4/8/2013 according to the U.S Geological Survey:


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Lat Lon D
5.6 29km SSW of Panyaungan Timur, Indonesia 7.151°S 106.070°E 46.7

Continued earthquakes seem to be taking place in Indonesia, where the tectonic plates are locked. The question remains, what will happen when the plates unlock and cause a chain effect, which is the 7 out of 10 sequence of events which Nancy Lieder has discussed in the below video:



Last sunlight on Halema'uma'u Crater in Kilauea Caldera, Big Island, Hawaii (Photo: Janka)
Last sunlight on Halema’uma’u Crater in Kilauea Caldera, Big Island, Hawaii (Photo: Janka)


There were no significant changes taking place at the Stromboli volcano in Italy. The seismic signal shows medium

tremor levels with phases of medium to high values, and there are frequent, sometimes quite powerful Stromboli explosions from various active vents.

Seismic swarm continues with decreasing trends at the Tjornes Fracture zone just to the North of Iceland. There were only 65 earthquakes which were recorded for the day, with the largest earthquake being a 3.3 event.

The El Hierro volcano in the Canary Islands was calm for several days, and earthquake activity has again picked up during the past 48 hours, but the intensity and frequency of quakes is nothing compared to the latest swarm just two weeks ago.

The Tolbachik volcano in Kamchatka continues with eruptions, with weak decreasing trend in tremor levels visible. Kvert reported no significant changes in seismic and eruptive activity at the other kamchatkan volcanoes: Sheveluch and Kizimen.

One of the most important volcanic news is the alert level that was raised in Vanuatu, according to the Department of Meteorology and Geohazards says there’s been an increase in explosive activity at the Yasur volcano.

 “It means more explosions, an increase of explosivity, more ash falling down to the close village and a lot of ash and some (volcanic) bombs falling down,” –

 Is Planet X Making People More Sick?

There hasn’t been any shortages of sickness as of late, with the flu virus running rampant in the last few months, the question remains is there some type of outside influence. Poleshift.ning website highlights some interesting on the outbreak of the flu virus and cancer:

“The Zetas mention that the ‘lighter materials’ from the tip of the PX Tail,  fine particulates and gasses “do not burn” as meteors burn out when they entering the Earth’s atmosphere.  This must mean that the tip of the PX Tail materials and vapors enter our atmosphere under less resistance.   These materials end up in the jet streams

We then breathe them.”

“The Zetas mention how the Tail of PX contains statically ‘charged’ magnetic particles.  It can be assumed that the smaller of these particles,  the fine red dust,   stick LIKE GLUE to everything including:  water vapor molecules (in clouds),  dust,  pollution, particulates,  whatever!  Yuk!   

These also end up in our lungs!  Phlegm in the throat,  coughing,  or worse?” –  

There are a lot of interesting pieces of information on sickness in the article, and we highly recommend giving it a read.


 Planet X -The Truth Denied (Video)


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