The Louisiana sinkhole is an interesting on going story that we are tracking on a daily basis. Basically, the sinkhole has methane gas coming from it, with many residents having to leave the are with a threat of explosions, and the un-healthy air that many are breathing.

Many residents are having trouble breathing, headaches, and other trauma from being close to the sinkhole. On top of this, there have been earthquakes in the area as of late, which have led many to believe that the New Madrid fault line could be coming alive soon, with a very large earthquake.

Conspiracy forums are filled with messages of doom for the New Madrid fault line, which was responsible for the largest earthquake in the United States history. Here is a documentary that goes over the New Madrid fault and also the threats that exist for those are near the fault line:

Many officials have already came out and verified that the sinkhole is not manageable, and is out of their hands. There are new wells that are being drilled at the sinkhole to drain off some of the gas that is coming from the sinkhole, and you read more about  this here:

Here is another video that shows the sinkhole’s massive size, and how the land is sinking, just as Nancy Lieder and Zeta’s have reported on


Volcanic Activity 


Australia’s volcano begins to blow ash, but the good thing is that it is not located in a densely populated area, however it does reveal even more volcanic activity on another part of the world.

One of Australia’s most active volcanoes seems to be erupting at the present time.

Here is NASA’s statement on the volcano:

“Although not definitive, this natural-color satellite image also suggests an ongoing eruption,” NASA writes. “The dark summit crater (much darker than Mawson’s shaded southwestern face) is at least partially snow-free, and there’s a faint hint of an even darker area—perhaps a lava flow—within. Shortwave infrared data (collected along with the visible imagery) shows hot surfaces within the crater, indicating the presence of lava in, or just beneath, the crater.”

With increased volcanic activity and the and increased earthquake activity, it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks and months.

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