In the quest for a deeper knowledge of what is going on with the earth, we began our journey into the unknown world of earth changes. For us it was a world filled with eye-opening details about the earth, and exactly what is taking place on it. There is some good information, and then as usual there is disinformation, such as the comet Elenin, and how it would cause mass devastation and chaos on the planet as we know it.

The reality is that comet Elenin was not a threat, and very well could have stood for Extinction level event Niburu is near. In any case, Elenin could have been a warning of what is to come.

The following video is an important video, because it outlines why a potential pole shift is not the end of the world, and it is not necessarily a bad thing as  a whole.


It can be traumatic to think what life would be like without life’s basic necessities, and things that we are all used to, such as cell phones, computers, tv, running water, electricity and ect… However, it is important to note that those things come with a price, such as having to pay a mortgage, electricity and utility bills.

With the cost of living that is in effect, many people begin to dislike life, and feel a lot of stress because they have trouble keeping their lights on, and they have trouble paying all of the different bills that can pile up on them. Credit cards, mortgages, gasoline, rent, car insurance, debt collectors, car maintenance, food, and a host of other expenses can put an untold amount of stress on a human being in today’s society.

We all know about corporate greed, and how it is alive and kicking in the world in which we live. Corporations have designed things so that you need a job or income just to be able to feed your self and keep yourself nourished. There is good news though, for those who are understanding what is taking place and informing themselves, this can be the best of times.

The earth gives us the air we need to survive, the plants to feed us all, and the water to keep us nourished. Learning how to use the environment around you is the smartest thing that you can do if you want to survive long after your stored food is gone. Here is a video that discusses edible plants that you can eat if you run out of food supplies:


As this video reveals there are a wide variety of plants that you can eat if you have to. It’s not your favorite restaurant food that’s for sure, but at least you can survive if you inform yourself, take a look at the entire video series and other videos related to this topic.

Survival Education


One of the greatest educations that you can give to yourself and your family is survival education. When you look at what is taking place on the east coast of the United States, survival is not a choice, it is mandatory.

Hurricane Sandy and Katrina, are just a few of many events that reveal just how important it is to be ready for disasters that can take place anywhere, at any time.

There was a recent article that revealed the following about food in America:

“More Americans said they struggled to buy food in 2011 than in any year since the financial crisis, according to a recent report from the Food Research and Action Center, a nonprofit research group. About 18.6 percent of people — almost one out of every five — told Gallup pollsters that they couldn’t always afford to feed everyone in their family in 2011.” –

Survival education can be the difference, and we hope all of our readers take the time to learn real skills, that will be needed, as the time comes to recover and rebuild in area’s that are farther inland from the coast lines.

Meditation For Healing & Relaxation

Since money will be worthless, and the very way of life that we all know it will change, it will be important to have control over your emotions in the event of a pole shift. Many lives could be lost, so having a way to channel your energy into something productive and relaxing, can make all the difference.

We highly recommend meditation as a way to ease the mind, body, and soul. Here is a video that you can use for mediation before any disaster, and if there isn’t after a poleshift event you can always whistle or find a quite place to close your eyes, take a deep breath, relax your body, and focus on all of the wonderful moments that you have ever experienced in life.


Many times you will find yourself stressed out by life, for example, you may have a car that keeps breaking down on you, and that car brings down your positive energy. You may find that selling that car and walking to your location or car pooling can be a huge stress reliever. With most of the transportation system thrown into the 1800’s after a pole shift, it may be a good idea to start now.

We want to conclude by saying, that a pole shift will bring with it very difficult times hard to deal with, however, there will be opportunity for you to use the new environment to prosper. Knowing how to make clothing, garden, build shelter, and keep warm or cool are just a few places to begin your journey into what could be a much better way then we have in the world today.

Here is another video that will help you on your journey into self sufficiency:





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